Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Morning News Round-Up -- 3.25.09: Water Rationing...coming to a city near you...

Assemblymember Joe Coto has figured out how to put California in line for as much as $3 billion in Federal funding. Before getting too excited about your possible AIG bonus check, Coto did the work to help California’s 2 million unemployed.

With mixed feelings the residents, and their loved ones, say goodbye to Agnews Development Center in North San Jose. The race is on to decide who gets control of the hot property. Expect a school, housing, Cisco, and others to get a piece of the land-action...

The Santa Clara Valley Water District decided to let the voters have a say on term limits. District Boardmember (Supervisorial Candidate) Rosemary Kamei said “…these reforms help us move in the right direction.” Not all of Kamei’s colleagues were so anxious for reform. Joe Judge and Larry Wilson aren’t ready give up their cushy seat on the Board and just said no. If the voters support the reforms it’s likely only Richard Santos and Patrick Kwok will remain.

Also…If you’re hoping to wash the car, get over it. The Santa Clara Valley Water District voted for rationing in response to the drought. It’s up to the cities to figure out how to get you to cut back on your water wasting ways and whether to punish you for bad behavior.

San Jose’s City Council unanimously approved a memorial walkway to honor San Jose hero Cesar Chavez. You’re invited to join the celebration of Chavez’ birth and take the walk Saturday – it starts at the Mexican Heritage Plaza, the site of Chavez’ first grape boycott. Still up in the air, according to Mayor Reed, is how to pay for the walkway. Not to worry, the wealthy Redevelopment Agency will step up...

With barely any tongue-in-cheek the Merc’s Bruce Newman declared “Michael Phelps fires up crowd…” at a stop in San Jose. Phelps used “the bong hit heard ‘round the world” to encourage others not to use drugs. San Jose Revealed didn’t find the piece funny and grumps about reporters covering bullshit. Watch Dog agrees, it would be nice to see actual news back in the Merc.

The Merc’s Editorial board sends props to the Humane Society’s latest venture in animal shelters. With everything from a “rabitat” to solar panels the new critter digs host an open house Saturday – they need a few more bucks to cover costs so bring your checkbook when you visit the nations first green animal shelter.

Looks like our speeding Prius friends and Silicon Valley nerds used their dialing fingers to keep the Woz, complete with fractured foot and torn hamstring, on his Teletubbie toes for another week. Dancing with the Stars judges are no doubt dismayed at how the nerd herd turned out for one of their own.

Just to prove you can fight City Hall, the Los Altos City Council approved resident-driven plans for the Fremont Avenue bridge that keeps the pedestrian bridge and a tree in place.

The Merc’s Patty Fisher cornered Senator Joe Simitian to propose a new contest “There Oughta Be a Way to Fix this Without a Law.” A lack of state funding took some interesting candidates out of the running for Simitian’s other annual contest and Fisher wasn’t impressed with the leftovers. (Remember this from Watch Dog's past related to There Oughta Be...)

Plastic bag-love/lobbyist Manny Diaz won one, lost one this month. The Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors voted against plastic bag bans. Our Sister blog, Watch Dog San Mateo has been following plastics in Palo Alto where the City Council is not scared of Diaz and voted to ban plastic bags at grocery stores. Is this the type of public service Diaz had in mind when he ran for City Council in 2006?

Los Gatans are just finding out that 200 gallons of raw sewage was dumped into the creek on St. Patty’s Day. It seems some knucklehead clogged the sewer pipe causing the crappy overflow.

Saratoga’s City Council hustled to find money to keep the Chamber of Commerce in town. Seems the Chamber just noticed the screw-up, Chamber president Vance Nelson said the economic crisis made it tough for them to come up with the dough required for permits.

Proving the car remains the King in Campbell, the Planning Commission turned down a business request due to a shortage of parking. Commission Chair Mark Ebner worried there were just too many problems for the math tutoring center to open.

(Scary) Teacher Patty Polifrone was transferred between schools after parents tried to take legal action because she scared kids. Now, she’s in hot water at her new school where more pissed off parents are threatening legal action if she’s allowed back in the classroom. Students are terrified of her and one parent put their kid into therapy after the bullying. The Mountain View-Whisman Board hasn’t weighed in, yet. Never underestimate the power of angry parents...

Revealed lets loose in another series of quick notes and is obviously having a bad hair day. Revealed offers up a new recall effort for San Jose’s City Council, all in cranky jest.

San Jose State University caught the attention of San Jose Inside/Metro’s Fly. It seems teacher Eileen Trans had a liquid lunch before teaching Food Culture. The campus cops were called and Trans hasn’t been seen since. Sociology professor Patrick MacDonald was accused the same day of giving booze to students, but the cops couldn’t find it. Watch Dog obviously went to the wrong school.

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Anonymous said...

Try and drop off an injured, or stray animal at the Humane Society, and they'll tell you they'll kill it if you leave it. Just happened to me Saturday. I found an injured bird, and called the Wild Life Center. They told me to bring it to the Humane Society, and that they'd pick it up later. When I got to the Humane Society they told me, and everyone else trying to drop off strays, or injured animals they'd be killed if they left em. What a hell of a thing to tell the public! I was just trying to help a poor sick bird for God’s sake!

I checked and the Humane Society contracts with cities to provide those services, and charges cities MILLIONS. I guess that the money they charge the City went to this new animal amusement park like mall, instead of helping animals. Sickening. Humane Society? Try INHUMANE Society, or death row! I'll never donate to them again.