Wednesday, November 19, 2008

"Absolutely certain" Tesla won't go out of business...

In an article that bridges both Watch Dog San Mateo and Watch Dog Silicon Valley, Newsweek digs into Tesla Motors.

This doesn't bode well for San Carlos -- where the cars are currently made, or San Jose, where the cars are slated to be made (hopefully) in the future.

You'll remember that San Jose (and the State) rolled out the red carpet to get Tesla.

In fact, San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed said at the press conference announcing Tesla's move:
The development of the San Jose Tesla facility brings us closer to our Green Vision goal of creating 25,000 clean tech jobs within the next 15 years. The Tesla electric sedans will demonstrate how Silicon Valley’s ingenuity, entrepreneurship, and creative talent can create solutions to global challenges."
According to the Newsweek piece, Reed may not want to count Tesla's 1,000 or so jobs toward that 25,000 jobs-goal.

The story goes into detail how Elon Musk, the lead investor in Tesla, appointed himself CEO last month -- pushing out the company's cofounder and first CEO Martin Eberhard and two subsequent CEOs. Ok, that happens in start-ups...but usually they keep it to themselves. Not Eberhard and Musk.

Talking about the company under Musk, Ebernard said: "I'm very unhappy about what's happened to my company..."

Talking about Eberhard, Musk added: "I think he's a terrible CEO...Martin is the worst individual I've ever had the displeasure of working with..."

In what can either be seen as a reassuring tone, or false hope, the current CEO and lead-investor Musk concludes saying that he is "absolutely certain" the company won't go out of business...hopefully they will do better than their band...

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