Monday, November 17, 2008

Morning News Round-Up -- 11.18.08

A lively disussion continues tonight at the Gilroy City Council regarding making public all campaign donations (the state allows donations under $99 to remain anonymous). T he council also considers replacing the voluntary spending cap and limit candidates to no more than $12,794. If their last meeting was any indication, this could be a meeting worth attending. According to the Gilroy Dispatch Council candidates accepted “…an unlimited number separate envelopes, each with $99 in cash…” Watch Dog suggests candidates in Gilroy double check the Fair Political Practices Commission rules on accepting contributions less than $99 say the contributor information doesn’t have to be reported –- not that the contribution can be anonymous. After all, how would the candidate be able to correctly report when that contributor goes over $99 during the campaign?

On the west side of the Valley...tomorrow, the Monte Sereno City Council will consider a replacement to fill the unexpired term of Alan Aerts who resigned in October to continue his fight against cancer. Whoever replaces Aerts could be the swing vote to decide if Monte Sereno puts eyes in the sky.

San Jose’s City Council will start to listen to arguments for authorization of taxes for a $300 million renovation of the McEnery Convention Center. Does this mean the Gonzales Tent is on its way out?

Disband the County's Voting Rights Advisory Committee? Acting County Executive Gary Graves will recommend it to the Board of Supervisors on Tuesday. It seems counterintuitive to replace the local group responsible for promoting voter registration and participation with a temporary group formed only during elections – especially on the heels of an election that saw previously untapped groups making such an impact.

New construction is coming to a halt in Mountain View – the owner of Summerhill Apartments has given up trying to get a bank loan and will be renting the 64 apartments out as quickly as possible. City Attorney Michael Martello and Wagon Wheel Neighborhood Association president Lisa Matichak agree the complex is not in move-in condition. The City spent $125,000 last year to relocate the residents and approved the demolition proposal because the condition of the existing building “…was so dilapidated," according to Martello. Councilwoman Laura Macias said, "I hope we don't have to look at another development like this where 250 people are kicked onto the street." I'm sure the 250 people that will move in feel the same way...

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Wendys World of Wonder said...

Someone might want to tell either the candidates in Gilroy or the FPPC that accepting cash is illegal.