Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Morning News Round-Up -- 11.26.08

There's a ghost-guest at Mission City Lantern reporting the Santa Clara City Council continues the drama over "To Recuse or Not to Recuse." The videotape of a 2004 meeting doesn't exist, the Gadfly lied, and now Councilmember Jamie McLeod is being asked about her own need to recuse. The ghost-guest might want to read earlier Mission City Lantern blogs that complain about McLeod abstaining.

San Jose State and the City of San Jose ending joint projects? The much bally-hooed soccer field on SJSU land will not be built. University spokewoman Pat Harris said, "We needed to pull back and think about our athletic program." This is the second time the a joint City/University project has fallen through -- last year Lew Wolff had hoped to build a new soccer and football facility to replace the aging Spartan Stadium.

Physicists, doctors, and attorneys line up on the ice get together each week at Sharks Ice in San Jose as part of the largest adult hockey league in the nation. Saratoga resident, team organizer, and perfect hockey-named dude Stu Slamowitz says, "Playing hockey gives us all a chance to get some exercise, and get out our aggressions." Perhaps some of the gadflies in Santa Clara should start skating…

In an effort to make life easier for the automobile, the Cupertino City Council has given its blessing to an updated Santa Clara County Comprehensive Expressway Planning Study, which includes a $5.2 million widening of Lawrence Expressway to 8 lanes. The 74 projects could cost up to $2.5 billion and extend for the next 30 years. Watch Dog just loves government-named studies – so humorless, “Comprehensive Expressway Planning Study”…how fun.

Metro's Fly questions whether the Los Gatos Town Council prearranged the election of Mike Wasserman as The Town’s new (rotating) Mayor.

Hoping to join in the neighborhood naming fun, San Jose Revealed has proposed everything from DiNapoli Town to the Tom McEnery Sphere of Influence -- and tossed in a few named BART stations for good measure.

Calling for a re-thinking of policing in San Jose, Silicon Valley De-Bug's Raj Jayadev blogs on San Jose Inside. Jayadev and calls for more police oversight and addressing issues identified in a Grand Jury report. (Not) Surprisingly, San Jose Inside comment-givers attack Jayadev

Santa Clara Valley Water District inspectors found the Gilroy Unified School District and contractor Gilbane, had not adequately prevented polluted water from gushing into Lions and Day Creeks. Big oops. Gilbane is likely to pay a $170,000 fine for dumping the dirty water.

Morgan Hill Finance Director Jack Dilles is leaving to become Santa Cruz's Finance Director. Leaving behind a $3.3 million budget deficit, Dilles faces a roughly $7 million deficit in Santa Cruz. Morgan Hill City Manager Ed Tewes wishes Dilles the best saying, "He helped bring to the city our long-range strategic approach, a forecast to help us see the future effects of today's decisions." I guess Dilles expertise was forecasting deficits, not preventing them…

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