Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Morning News Round-Up – 12.09.08: Alleged corruption at City Hall...it's like 2003 all over again...

Today’s San Jose Council meeting promises to be full of fireworks as downtown's “Peralta Action Plan” is up for grabs. Former Mayor Tom McEnery has been accused by Councilmember Nora Campos of meeting with the Mayor to discuss the plan to get his neck of downtown $5m+. Mayor Chuck Reed calls McEnery a confidante and notes that they, "have a lot of mutual interests and mutual friends" that they have discussed in private conversations, but not the Peralta Action Plan. (Reed and McEnery also have similar mutual enemies...as was proven by this being filed against McEnery today and this being written about the filing...Watch Dog will revisit this later...) Watch Dog likes the idea of Pike Place South and hopes everyone can play nice. The Merc. calls McEnery “a political lightening rod” while encouraging continued open and transparent discussion. Tom McEnery’s San Jose Inside gets into the act as well with Eric Johnson’s historic retrospective.

Also on tap for the City of San Jose today is a continued discussion about Inclusionary Zoning. Inclusionary is a way to have developers set aside, build, and make a profit (albeit a smaller profit) from affordable housing. The Merc. supports Councilmember Sam Liccardo’s proposal, calling out developers who are opposed to the plan because they deal with inclusionary almost everywhere else in the Bay Area. Not to be outdone by Team Oliverio-Constant, Memos are again flying this time from the Mayor, the team of Cortese-Pyle-Chu, City Manager-City Attorney, and the Director of Housing.

Mountain View’s City Council meeting tonight will be entertaining as they address the critical issue of...allowing Segway’s on trails but not sidewalks. Segway fan Richard Roeder is seeking sidewalk use saying, "I have no way legally to get away from traffic that I have to deal with on the road." At least Mt. View is focusing on things that are affecting their residents?...

The County Board of Supervisors will swear in former San Jose Vice Mayor Dave Corteseif Cortese has resigned from the San Jose City Council...there’s no indication on his website.

Alternative ways to commute are the topic du jour for Merc. columnist Scott Herhold who tests a Google cycling route from San Francisco. Although Herhold wasn’t able to achieve the typical time of roughly 2 hours he did enjoy sausage, soccer, and getting lost. Concluding his trip with Milk Duds and a movie he’s doubtful of being Google material. Participate in the SF2G challenge yourself here.

Continuing toward multi-cultural melting pot – Cupertino joins 18 cities in the nation with a majority Asian population. The same demographic study found San Jose continues to have an ethnic plurality – with no single ethnic majority.

A Los Gatos preschool student died of meningitis, the parents of students at Stratford preschool have been advised of possible exposure. The girl's brother attended Loma Prieta Elementary where parents have also been notified.

Ranking high on the cool scale a ghost town is visible as the water level drops in the Lexington Reservoir. Historian Bill Wulf says this is the third or fourth time in 56 years it has been visible.

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