Friday, December 19, 2008

Morning News Round-Up – 12.19.08: Perhaps the drunks could go to downtown Campbell?...

San Jose Revealed admits Mayor Chuck Reed was right – at least when it comes to San Jose Police arresting people because they’re poor – not drunk. Revealed, like Watch Dog, was entertained by Councilmember Pete Constant's dismissal of the Merc.'s statistical review saying, “While statistics do paint a picture, they don't always paint a complete picture." That sounds like John McCain discussing the fundamentals of the economy...(stay tuned for more on this issue...)

Nick D'Arpino's plans for a Vegas style nightclub in hopping downtown Campbell were squashed when he lost title to the Gaslighter Theatre early this year. That hasn’t stopped D’Arpino from asking County and federal agencies to investigate Susan and Mark Gaetano along with the City of Campbell for, among other things, possible racketeering. City Manager Dan Rich hadn’t heard about the charges and wisely declined to comment. Susan Gaetano said she was, "not surprised because we've already been down this road." Really Susan? You've been accused of racketeering before?

An unnamed 26 year old San Jose man died early this morning after being “tased” by Campbell Police at Valley Medical Center. For a non-lethal tool, the taser is at the heart of a number of deaths, the ACLU says the stun guns are unregulated and controls on use are inconsistent. The use of Tasers also also cost the City of San Jose some serious cash this week...

The Fly at San Jose Inside has a rundown on fundraiser for San Jose Councilmember Madison Nguyen – she raised $10,000, shrimp was eaten, and Mayor Reed said angry people would go to the polls in March. He (and Madison) better hope that non-angry people vote as well -- or District 7 may be looking for another replacement...

Cupertino’s Planning Commission is prepared to kick off the new year with a meaty discussion on the merits of a ‘Main Street Cupertino’ proposal from Sand Hill Property, Co. Commission Marty Miller sympathizes with community members who want the process to move more quickly by reminding them, "As I'm sure that most of you in high-tech know, you build quality in, you don't add it later." Resident Jennifer Griffin expressed hope that the project would bring residents to shop Cupertino saying, "What a fantastic time for the residents of Cupertino to master plan one of the last remaining holdings in the city.” ("Master Plan" as a verb?)

Also on San Jose Inside, Metro columnist Gary Singh adds to the list of successful public markets: Vancouver’s Granville Island. Singh says that a market next to the Peralta Adobe could add to a better understanding of San Jose’s history.

Home prices in Silicon Valley continue to drop, bargain hunters can pick up a home for less than $500,000 or a condo for less than $300,000. With mortgage interest rates at their lowest since 1971 maybe even Watch Dog could get an affordable loan? Pretty please?

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