Thursday, December 4, 2008

These Boots were made for...prison?

Another chapter in the Boots Del Biaggio saga is unfolding.

This time, Federal civil and criminal charges against Del Biaggio have been filed. Meanwhile, a bankruptcy court is trying to unravel the financial mess Del Biaggio seemly created.

This new story has a new, interesting twist...

In the story, there is an "unnamed" "man" that lost $600,000 to Boots's stupidity. This man's quote is telling, "I'm very, very upset...There are so many individual investors like myself that have been totally screwed over by Boots."

Watch Dog thinks this is interesting and new because people are beginning to talk. The
anonymous source obviously knows Del Biaggio well (he uses his first name) and is press-savvy enough both answer the reporters' calls and negotiate with reporters in order to not have his name used.

Does anyone want to venture a guess who this "unnamed" "very, very upset" "man" is?

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