Friday, December 5, 2008


The reviews of new State Legislators' first week is in...and Paul Fong had a tough one according to Sacramento standards based on a silly quote...In referring to what he wanted to do first -- Fong said:

" make friends with Republicans and get them to see the light..."

But as a consolation, Fong is now entered into the Quote of the Month contest on Watch Dog.

Yes Assemblymember Fong, that is exactly what Republicans have been waiting for, to be shown the light by a freshman legislator. Let us know how that goes.

Which leads to the natural question, WWDD? (What would Dominic do?)

At least Fong's website is up and running...


Anonymous said...

The silly comment is closely followed by the silly photo. Paul should use the photo you posted.

Anonymous said...

Fong makes racist comments as well. Katherine Corcoran's Mercury News article (2/6/05) on a San Jose City Hall scandal quoted Paul Fong, founder of an apparently segregated Democratic club, using "white boy" in a racist way:

"Paul Fong, who is Chinese-American and founder and board member of the Silicon Valley Asian Pacific American Democratic Club, said the disparate outcomes are evidence of white privilege, a vestige of racism that persists in America. 'Del Borgsdorf is a nice, middle-class white boy you can bring home to mom,' Fong said."