Thursday, January 1, 2009

Morning News Round-Up -- 1.1.09: Feliz ano...

Watch Dog Silicon Valley salutes all who celebrated the New Year all the way to dawn, Watch Dog San Mateo offers this to help cure what ails you.

Incoming San Jose councilmember Rose Herrera is off to a curious start as reported by the Fly on SanJoseInside. Watch Dog will try to make some sense of it. Herrera promised Mark Tiernan the top dog seat in her office, then Tiernan told her he wouldn’t be available full-time until March. Herrera downgraded Tiernan to policy director and hired Jennifer Malutta as top dog. According to Fly Malutta wasn’t happy with the new Tiernan title and had Herrera give Tiernan the boot. Watch Dog note: Malutta’s claim to fame was as Deputy Chief of Staff to Ron Gonzales. A staffer on the 18th floor wondered “How do you go from being No. 1 to being let go the day before break?”

The quiet release of interesting news continues with Santa Clara county officials declaring a much improved process for delinquent kids in court. Watch Dog San Mateo last week highlighted the holidays as an ideal time to bury news. It was only this summer that the county was described as “one of the worst-performing" of 100 nationwide sites working on detention alternatives. Patricia Gardner, with the Silicon Valley Council of Nonprofits, gives props to the courts saying "What great transparency for a court to give such a report."

(Un)Surprisingly, San Jose police officer Julio Morales denies any inappropriate touching of a young woman picked up in downtown San Jose. Police Watch Dogs, (San Jose dumped theirs) will be snooping around to see if the officer believed the 18 year old was involved in criminal activity and was armed at touch time.

It took a little over ten years from campaign promise to grand opening but Milpitas Mayor Jose Esteves says the library opening in January is on time and on budget – built with funds approved in 2000. And that was with 3 terms as Mayor under his belt.

Before the festivities were underway a pedestrian was killed by a train in Mountain View, near Castro Street. 2008 saw 16 deaths on the tracks, 8 from suicide by CalTrain.

Sunnyvale Councilmember Otto Lee is off to do battle in Iraq, leaving behind a wife, two daughters and $182,000 in campaign debt. Lee wants friends to send money, not care packages, to recover from the expenses generated by his failed run for Supervisor.

The Merc’s Scott Herhold provides a list of resolutions he hopes others will make this year from living scandal free to kid-free political ads. Herhold doesn’t say what his own resolutions are, tomorrow?

SanJoseRevealed asks for your predictions on the biggest items in 2009, topping the list so far are Tom McEnery gets busted for lobbying boo-boos, the Vietnamese community gets pissed, and the Merc leaves town. Revealed’s parting photo for 2008 has Santa Clara city councilmember Kevin Moore (reportedly) dressed as Buckwheat getting cuddly with Fred Flintstone (Chuck Blair). Blair, with two failed attempts at Santa Clara city council, is (perhaps) more pre-historic character than he thinks.

MissionCityLantern closes the year with a backgrounder for their numerous international visitors. Rowen reports the blog is biting sarcasm engaged in “drive by shooting” wit and cynicism (with a typo we hope will be fixed), that may be rancid butter but at least is on “your side of the bread.”

And now Watch Dog is curling up in front of a roaring fire with a little hair of the dog… Wishing all a Happy New Year.

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