Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Morning News Round-Up -- 2.4.09: Hoping for Rain Edition...

(Before we begin...Last evening, Watch Dog posted a correction to its latest Tesla story. Please click here to see the correction...)

A good Samaritan from San Jose found a cell phone at the Club Monte Carlo in Mountain View and offered to return the phone. During the phone exchange, the 23 year old was stabbed for his good deeds. That'll teach you to be nice...

In other violent news...A young man was attacked and beaten while 3 dozen horrified middle-schoolers watched. His attackers took off when on field adults ran to him. A suspect, possibly a Yerba Buena student, was arrested Tuesday.

Finally, a feel good story today...The sons of Mexican immigrant day laborers went to Stanford, worked at Google, and now have a start-up of their own. Bismarck and Bel Lepe, along with fellow Stanford grad and friend Sean Knapp, founded Ooyala. 45-employees strong and growing.

Publicly funded campaigns are on hold in Sunnyvale...again. This time, the discussion has been moved to 2010 to study. At the same time the City Council will discuss moving elections to even numbered years for a potential cost savings of $300,000. Vice Mayor Chris Moylan says public funding would level the playing field and make it easier for more people to run. Councilmember Dave Whittum suggested the public funding could be $5,000 rather than the suggested $25,000. Whittum managed to run his 2007 campaign with just over $5,000, of course, most of which appears to be in loans to himself.

Also in Sunnyvale...officials have moved one step closer accomplishing a nearly 20 year old vision and connecting the Stevens Creek Trail along a (not even) quarter mile route through the City.

The Ford Store in Morgan Hill will be getting its own form of bailout bucks. The City Council voted to let the store keep more of their tax dollars through 2012. Short-term gain for the store will turn into long term benefits for the City (if they stay in business). Councilmember Greg Sellers called the restructured tax deal a “triple win for the City.” Ford Store president Tim Paulus has sold cars for 35 years and says he’s very appreciative of the City’s help. Watch Dog should think so...

In a poll that’s a disheartening sign of the times, the Morgan Hill Times wants to hear from homeowners – do you owe more than your home is worth?

San Jose Inside’s (and the County Office of Education Board Member) Joseph DiSalvo voices support for prevention over cure when it comes to gang violence. DiSalvo quotes Ghandi in saying, “If we are to teach real peace we must begin with the children,” and asks the County Board of Education to direct their dollars towards prevention at their March 18 meeting.

Mission City Lantern gives props to Watch Dog Silicon Valley and urges his readers to visit – thank you James. Lantern takes time to praise Santa Clara’s Planning Commission and, it would seem, the members of Santa Clara’s City Council – calling all of them caring, respectful, and intelligent.

The US's biggest science fan in D.C. will be happy to hear the Youth Science Institute exceeded their fundraising goal. The kids at San Jose’s Lietz Elementary pulled together 150,000 pennies and a generous (unnamed) husband and wife science team gave a very generous $50,000. Executive Director Suzanne Mulcahy said, “we are very, very grateful.” Board president Mark Lohbeck, himself a beneficiary of the YSI programs, called the campaign’s success “…a testament to the impact YSI has made through the years.”

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