Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Morning News Round-Up -- 3.11.09: "San Jose's Mayor, former Mayor, and three former Mayoral candidates walk into a bar..."

There was a lot of fast-breaking news yesterday. The two big stories involved the Current San Jose Mayor, a Former San Jose Mayor, and 3 Former San Jose Mayoral Candidates...(these folks are bolded for your reading pleasure...)

Former Mayoral Candidate Story 1:
The South Bay Labor Council broke the news that Phaedra Ellis-Lamkins would be moving to Oakland to head up Green For All a non-profit dedicated to building the green economy. Former Mayoral Candidate Cindy Chavez is taking over the helm of the South Bay Labor Council. This news has big political implications, but the roll-out of the news speaks a lot about who is covering and driving news in Silicon Valley these days:

Here’s a rundown of how the news broke.
  • 9:39 a.m.: San Jose Revealed broke the news (hmmm...)
  • 10:01 a.m.: Watch Dog caught the news from Revealed and published a brief piece
  • 10:05 a.m.: KLIV broadcast the story, including props from Silicon Valley Chamber of Commerce Leader/Former Mayor Candidate Pat Dando on the selection of former Councilmember Cindy Chavez as the new Labor leader...
  • 11:19 a.m.: Silicon Valley/San Jose Business Journal posted props from Congressman Mike Honda.
  • 12:58 p.m.: The Merc finally caught up in the afternoon. To their credit it was a detailed story with a quote from Ellis-Lamkins that watching families earn more made “it worthwhile at 2 in the morning.”
  • 1:25 p.m.: San Jose Inside’s The Fly (apparently) reads Revealed and congratulates themselves for predicting the departure of Ellis-Lamkins.
Former Mayor/Former Mayoral Candidate Story 2:
Former San Jose Mayor Susan Hammer and Former Mayoral Candidate Michael Mulcahy are Co-Chairing the A's to San Jose Study Group. The San Jose Rules and Open Government Committee, Chaired by Current Mayor Chuck Reed will discuss baseball's prospects today. (That is different than Billy Beane discussing baseball prospects...) It’s unlikely that anyone on the Council will object, since Current Mayor Chuck Reed and Councilmember Sam Liccardo first raised the issue, their colleagues “have practically been tripping over each other to demonstrate support” according to the Merc. We also re-welcome Baseball San Jose to the local blogosphere -- we like your look...

Mountain View’s City Council doesn’t share their neighbors' (Palo Alto) disdain for high speed rail. Councilmember Mike Kasperzak has asked Mountain View be considered for a station though he’s doubtful the State will agree. Councilmember Laura Macias said no to the request saying Mountain View didn’t have room for a station.

Mountain View-Los Altos Adult Education is letting go 119 folks. The program serves 11,000 adults annually. I guess Watch Dog won’t be brushing up on those cooking skills after all…

The East Side Union High School Trustees will ditch 129 teachers, 116 staffers, charge $200/year/student for after-school sports, and ask students to raise $500,000 on their own. Superintendent Bob Nunez acknowledged the cuts will affect students and said “certain things just won’t get done anymore…” Like teaching?

Morgan Hill’s Ann Sobrato High School is raising the next generation of soil chemists, biologists, and agriculturists with the help of Cal Poly grads/teachers Myndi Muzik and Tanya Salo. Their enthusiasm and support have junior Tracey Salvador lusting for a career in floral design and sophomore Joey Cassibba heading to veterinary school. Muzik says her goal is teaching ag literacy which is critical when 2% of the population supports the other 98%.

Palo Alto business owners won’t easily accept the proposed business tax. Dozens of business owners showed up for a Finance Committee meeting to protest. Pat Sausedo, executive director of a local Realtors association, complained this was the wrong time to consider a tax. The Palo Alto Chamber of Commerce also took a stance against the proposal and called for a Task Force. Councilmembers Pat Burt and Larry Klein suggested a possible compromise was in the offing.

The Silicon Valley Council of Nonprofits’ Patricia Gardner reports that only 7% of their 100 members are financially strong. More than half will be issuing pink slips and those who support the homeless and mentally ill are flooded with new clients.

San Jose Inside’s man-about-education, Santa Clara County Board of Education Member, Joseph DiSalvo, voices outrage that federal income guidelines aren’t indexed to the community. Welcome to the real world Joe...

The news from South County has reached San Jose. The new courthouse will be open in less than a month. Judge Edward Lee won’t miss their current digs which are filled with vermin of the 4 legged kind. Morgan Hill leaders are hoping the new digs are pedestrian friendly and everyone at the courthouse will schlep over to downtown to spend their hard earned dollars.

Khaled Hosseini’s family fled Afghanistan and landed in East San Jose when he was 15 and spoke no English. A year at Independence High paved the way for Hosseini to become a doctor and a celebrated author. Although Hosseini’s first novel, ‘The Kite Runner’ has been made into a movie and praised by renowned author Isabel Allende, Hosseini says it’s surreal to see his story come to life in a play in the town where his family lived on welfare.

Watch Dog note to Los Gatos Observer’s Dan Pulcrano – when you decide to publish news again let us know

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Well, we'd heard rumors, and then it came up on their RSS feed. Breaking the story was more important than combating speculation. :)

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