Monday, April 20, 2009

Larry! Pegram's! Latest! Salvo!

We told you we'd be back on the pornography issue. The "Values" Advocacy Council apparently thinks that yelling the loudest will be successful to their "cause".

Earlier today, we showed you the fliers they were harassing people with this weekend at San Jose Libraries. It contained 8 exclamation marks, but far fewer well-reasoned arguments about the issue at hand.

A while ago, a spy forwarded a "Values" Advocacy Council email. This email has 5 exclamation marks in the first couple of paragraphs -- the rest of the email has many! many! many! more!!!!!!! We took out the content, and left the exclamations, because exclamation marks are apparently what Larry Pegram thinks will turn this issue his way...

We hope that the City Council and the Mayor make a policy decision based on well-reasoned arguments and facts, not the sheer number of exclamation marks. Because if the decision is based on exclamation marks, the Books Not Filters folks have no chance...their website has exactly zero.

Mr. Pegram, here is an application for San Jose State...perhaps you want to re-take English 101? (Sorry, English 101!!!!!)

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