Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Morning News Round-Up -- 4.14.09: Blogs (and porn) First Edition...

Blog-related stuff first today:
And now the desperate economic news:
I guess with the previous stories, this is no big surprise: Silicon Valley's CEOs also see a grim outlook moving forward. When asked by the Silicon Valley Leadership Group what could be done, only 20% would support corporate taxes. They were more generous for cuts - over 90% thought there were too many State government employees, prisons could be cut as well as welfare and human services. The Merc’s Editorial Board chimes in on the survey as well. Carl can work it...

And the rest of the news:

Supervisor Don Gage hopes regionalizing County fire services will improve services in South County and save money. With three different agencies serving South County today he’s hopeful others will share his vision.

The Valley Transit Authority is moving ahead with plans to let the few of you who still have disposable dollars ride solo in the HOV lanes. Adjusting fees according to drivers tolerance for pain, the VTA hopes to keep traffic moving.

San Jose’s Oak Grove School District promoted Assistant Superintendent Tony Garcia to replace outgoing Manny Barbara. It is unclear if Manny Barbara will go back to his former job as an animator...(I know the spelling is off...work with me people!)

Faber’s Cyclery is the subject of the Merc’s Joe Rodriguez passion this week. A San Jose cyclery since 1921, owner Alex LaRievere dreams of turning it into the cycle museum San Jose has been waiting for, one with beer. Adding to the allure, before it was a cyclery haven it was a blacksmith, stage coach stop, and saloon (complete with brothel). If you have the deep pockets, LaRievere is looking for give him a call (408) 294-1314. Perhaps if he brought back the brothel, folks would give money...

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Dale Warner said...

We need to keep an eye on using the tax-payer paid lanes on 101 free from the scheme. Remember the early 1980s? We voted a penny on the sales tax on ourselves to pay for the new lanes. If we are now to be billed to ride on the lanes our voted taxes built, it will demonstrate that the traffic mavens of our fair city are totally corrupt and incompetent.

Telling us to pay for service on these two lanes in this fashion would be something out of Huey Long's handbook.