Monday, April 27, 2009

Morning News Round-Up -- 4.27.09

In case you missed it Friday, San Jose’s Mayor Chuck Reed ‘fessed up to f’ing up the Independent Police Auditor selection. Reed isn’t going down alone, he’s taking Councilmembers Nora Campos and Pete Constant with him saying they reviewed all the applications as well as agreeing with him on the final four and final two. Constant and colleague Pierluigi Oliverio back the Mayor saying the Chris Constantin brother-on-the-force-conflict-of-interest wasn’t a big deal. Another closed meeting this week will let the fighting colleagues battle it out in private

Surprise, it’s not easy finding $2 million for sports when schools are failing… East Side Union High School District Trustees aren’t raising the money they need and (apparently) aren’t telling District athletes the sports programs are in trouble. Board President Patricia Martinez-Roach is staying optimistic in the face of failed fundraising attempts through prayer. Associate Superintendent Alan Garafalo said raising the needed money is like “…changing water into wine.”

The Merc’s Internal Affairs is playing follow the bouncing legislators, again. If John Garamendi wins Ellen Tauscher's Congressional seat the Governator would appoint Garamendi's replacement. Senator Abel Maldonado is getting misty eyed at the thought of ditching the cranky Democrats to become the next Lt. Governor. IA also investigates the drama of the $720,000 pizza maker purchase by San Jose Unified School District. The pizza maker was a hot topic for ABC 7’s Dan Noyes, but IA’s own investigation is not as exciting...

Michael Kaiser, with the National Cyber Security Alliance, chastises local school districts for not preparing students for online safety. Kaiser says sending kids online without preparation is like leaving a playground full of rambunctious youngsters unsupervised and hoping for the best.

Santa Clara Police Chief Stephen Lodge says he doesn’t have enough police on call should the 49ers find their way South. Lisa Lang, spokesperson for the 49ers, promises taxpayers won’t be on the hook for the new officers. Mission City Lantern calls it a touchdown.

Santa Clara County health officials are bracing for a Swine Flu breakout. The first (possible) case is in the Sacramento area and with plenty of Silicon Valley travelers returning home from Mexico it’s only a matter of time before the world wide panic arrives. Before you feel feverish, keep those hands washed and cover your mouth when you sneeze.

Going solar in Silicon Valley can be pricey, depending on where you live. Monte Sereno and Los Altos Hills want solar so badly there are no city fees. Solar panels in Cupertino can set the well meaning homeowner back a hefty chunk of change. Kurt Newick, the Sierra Club’s local watch dog, snooped to find the most solar friendly cities.

Last call at the Los Gatos Brewing Company took on a whole new meaning when the fireplace didn’t keep the fire contained. No one was hurt, more importantly, the beer survived.

Former Mayor/lobbyist/Sharks ticket holder Tom McEnery called it an exoneration of the “tissue of lies and half truths” filed against him while Anonymous’ legal beagle James McManis said the independent evaluators report was confirmation of McEnery’s guilt. San Jose’s Elections Commission reviews the report, and 20 recommended violations, this week. San Jose Revealed slaps Anonymous for silly mistakes and slams the investigation team for violations of the “smell test.”

San Jose had its eighth murder Sunday when a young man was found stabbed to death outside a 24 Hour Fitness.

The Toon Goons were busted by San Jose’s finest for leaving their toon tags all over downtown. Downtown Association director Scott Knies said the teenager taggers were hitting the downtown hard, pissing off anyone who had skin in downtown buildings. Knies promised the Downtown Association promised to be “more relentless than the taggers.”

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