Monday, May 18, 2009

Morning News Round-Up -- 5.18.09: Left Coast Live Hang-Over...

Luis Martinez (a.k.a. The Naked Guy) slipped into mental illness and landed in Santa Clara County jails before killing himself. On the third anniversary of his death his family announces the County now has a policy on dealing with the mentally ill and the end to a $1 million lawsuit.

The Merc's Internal Affair dishes that San Jose Elections Commissioner Robert Shepard wants to investigate Councilmember Nora Campos and former Mayor/lobbyist Tom McEnery tries to direct the Elections Commission. San Jose Revealed jumps in to call the Merc an embarrassment.

Mountain View’s own Astronaut Megan McArthur is living the dream. McArthur grabbed the Hubble Space Telescope to drag it in for repairs.

Pink Slip Friday wasn’t as bad as anticipated for South Bay schools but districts are deeply worried about what the State might do. Saratoga Superintendent Lane Weiss said good planning won’t fix decreasing revenue “I’m worried.” Phil Quon, Superintendent at the Cupertino School District is determined to survive “by hook or by crook.”

Scott Herhold
, the Merc’s in-house curmudgeon, offers San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed advice to help the A’s find their way to San Jose. Make the Giants happy, keep the voters happy, work with ballpark neighbors, and labor. Herhold recommends Reed get help from local superstars (former) Mayor Susan Hammer, (hoped to be Mayor) Michael Mulcahy, Councilmember Sam Liccardo, Cisco’s John Chambers, and Silicon Valley Leadership Group CEO Carl Guardino.

The Merc’s Sal Pizarro and San Jose Inside’s Gary Singh played during San Jose’s Left Coast Live “parallel universe” watching San Jose Police gliding on Segways through friendly crowds. Calling it Take Back the Night for the over 30 crowd Pizarro apparently Twittered his way through the night taking in music, the Playboy Playmate of the Year, and a farewell to the Reperatory Theatre's Timothy Near. Pizarro also reports Psycho Donuts is loving their 15 minutes of fame.

A joyride in Sunnyvale ended in death Saturday night. Two of the Camry’s passengers were riding on the roof before one slide off and was dragged along Lois Avenue.

An eight year old boy was the victim of a hit and run Saturday night in San Jose’s Japantown. The boy is recovering in the hospital. Anyone with information about the case is asked to call the Police Department at (408) 277 4654.

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