Monday, May 4, 2009

Morning News Round-Up -- 5.4.09: Falcons with an inferiority complex?

Editors at the Merc must be incredibly bored... Apparently, it’s important to call out Stephen Colbert for not noticing San Jose’s City Hall peregrine falcon papa shares his moniker. You know a City has a massive inferiority complex when the paper of record begs for national airtime. Perhaps he sees the falcons' names for what they were -- a cheap way to get San Jose some exposure.

Perhaps the Merc Editors (or reporters) should have been following the internal politics at City Hall a little closer than the falcons... Fortunately for all of us, the Metro was on the case. The tit for tat on the 18th floor between Mayor Reed and Councilmember Campos got a bit (a lot) more heated on Friday. The Mayor asked Campos to apologize for making a stink about not knowing that the IPA candidate's brother was a sworn officer when she probably/actually did. Reed is calling Campos a liar. This qualifies as a ratcheting up of the war of words between the Mayor and Campos. But it also shows that the Mayor took the bait. Watch Dog believes that this is what Campos has wanted for a long, long time...

Swine flu mania kept attendance (and Drunk Arrests) low at San Jose’s annual Cinco de Mayo. American G.I. Forum member/Alum Rock School District Trustee Dolores Marquez still declared the day a success saying, “we’re so grateful the weather held up and the people showed up.”

While we are Spine flu -- San Jose State’s Spartan Daily declares the first casualty of the swine flu to be common sense. Sometimes the student newspaper hits the nail on the head...

And where healthcare and the tanking economy meet, we have some problems. Valley Medical Center’s CEO, Kim Roberts, worries her emergency room is “the safety net of the safety net.” Their safety net is reaching its breaking point, even before swine flu mania VMC saw a 10% increase in uninsured patients.

Silicon Valley nonprofits, don’t bother seeking help from San Jose Councilmembers Pierluigi Oliverio or Pete Constant. Constant and Oliverio have suggested most of the City’s nonprofit support be suspended. Constant wants the tobacco money to pay for City services saying that while it’s nice to give money to nonprofits he wants to take care of “family first.” Agencies like Meals on Wheels, the Blind Center, and Big Brother Big Sister don’t qualify as family.

BART fans will be cheering in Milpitas Friday. The Valley Transit Authority will be joined by Silicon Valley Leadership Group’s CEO Carl Guardino and San Jose Councilmember Sam Liccardo to break ground on phase one of BART to San Jose. (Ironically, Councilmember Constant also said no to BART...)

San Jose Councilmember Pierluigi Oliverio’s Chief of Staff Denelle Fedor, has joined the boss in contributing local news. Fedor questions the wisdom, and financial benefits, of ending San Jose’s mounted police patrol. Fedor has a horse in the race, she founded Friends of the San Jose Mounted Unit and complains City Manager Debra Figone never asked her to help cover the cost of keeping the horses on the street.

San Jose Revealed dishes on San Jose’s upcoming government doingsRevealed hints at a preference for plastic bags? Say it ain’t so. Wells Fargo gets to keep San Jose’s business, no more tossing toxic dental waste down the drain, San Jose Earthquakes want a stadium, and you will be able to buy food at the airport.

And, finally "Government Watch" is back at the Merc -- but isn't that interesting this week:
  • San Jose’s City Council thinks about a new process for hiring the Independent Police Auditor. Maybe this time not having a family member on the force will make the top ten. Also on tap, the agreement with the consortium replacing/augmenting the community Drunk Task Force.
  • The Santa Clara County Office of Education talks about charter school intents (intent? Like educating students?) and how do deal with a potential surge in charter schools.
The Merc’s Scott Herhold tells a recessionary tale of woe, entrepreneur/author/gourmet Pete Klein ditched the work day drudgery to become the “No-Face Bandit” until he got caught early this year. Herhold seems sympathetic, maybe he’s considering his own career change as the Merc continues to shrink.

The Merc’s Internal Affairs took note of San Jose’s Community and Economic Development committee meeting and complaints from the nonprofit community and San Jose Silicon Valley Chamber of Commerce Chief Pat Dando that a late memo from Councilmember Ash Kalra seemed quite familiar to a few in the audience.


Anonymous said...

reed didnt demand an apology from campos about the IPA process. you should reread that metro article you linked.

Watch Dog said...

Anonymous is correct... Watch Dog was wrong. Reed was pushing for an apology from Councilmember Campos on the McEnery issue. We were Watch Dogging less closely than we should have.