Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Morning News Round-Up -- 6.3.09: Big Buzz at City Hall...

The 49ers are one step closer to ending a 6 decade relationship with the City by the Bay. In the wee hours this morning, the Santa Clara City Council agreed on a $114 million subsidy, well below what the 49ers originally wanted. Next up, a March 2010 election. (We wonder how this will play into the politics of the 49ers...)

San Jose’s Drunk Task Force recommendations were heard by the City Council last night. Among the recommendations is to release people after they get a chance to sober up, offer up the breathalyzer (and document results), properly documenting arrests, and enhanced officer training. Well, the six months (plus) had some real results, we guess. Too bad nobody thought of these things months ago...

Which leads us to what was all the buzz around City Hall yesterday...

San Jose Police (apparently) felt compelled to seek out the (negative) limelight. Police Officers' Association head Bobby Lopez and SJPD retiree/Councilmember Pete Constant defended a controversial POA video saying Raj Jayadev (of the obscure De-Bug) used poor grammar. Seriously? Making fun of folks at a Council meeting. What's worse, POA actually paid for their video. San Jose Revealed adds to the stupidity calling it a phony controversy concocted by POA advisor Jude Barry. Watch Dog doubts that, but we do have a different theory, perhaps this was Lopez's clumsy attempt to divert attention from the Drunk Task Force findings. Here is the POA video:

The folks that the POA made fun of also put out their own video... perhaps the video editing software on Apple computers is too easy to use?

San Jose Pension Fund Chair David Bacigalupi sent a letter to fellow Trustees encouraging them to take as many “due diligence” trips as needed. (Apparently $1 billion in the hole doesn't call for restraint...) Which probably isn't the best idea. The Merc’s Editorial Board calls on Trustees to “curb their lust for travel.”

Saratoga native/film producer Andrew Trapani is turning Hollywood’s bright lights on Sarah Winchester’s spooky home. Team San Jose CEO Dan Fenton isn’t afraid of the ensuing gore and says “we welcome the chance to put San Jose on the big screen.”

Last year San Jose State’s LGBT students received a home of their own, last month SJSU graduates/Los Gatos residents/philanthropists Larry Arzie and David Stonesifer made a $1 million bequest to the center. Arzie and Stonesifer don’t want anyone to suffer the same abuse they did in the 1960’s as young gay men.

School districts around Silicon Valley will open their doors for a few this summer, everyone else can head to private offerings like those from science teacher Curtis Schneider. Oak Grove Superintendent Manny Barbara said there’s no chance of summer school next year because “we are getting hammered.”

San Jose Councilmembers are unhappy with the suggestion they cut their salary to $86,625 and get (only) $350/month for a car. Councilmember Kansen Chu complained that as a “recent immigrant” he didn’t have other resources. Watch Dog notes Councilmember Chu has been here more than 3 decades, owns rental property, and sold a successful restaurant last year

County Supervisor/VTA Boardmember Don Gage predicted last month Caltrain would keep rolling South to Gilroy. Yesterday the “cut Gilroy” proposal was off the table.

The Merc’s Sal Pizarro will be found walking the streets of downtown San Jose today checking out restaurant samples for the kick off of “Dine Downtown.”

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