Monday, July 20, 2009

Club Wet Goes to City Hall...

You will all be happy to know that Club Wet is back... (bad grammar and all...) We recommend taking some extra safety precautions if you plan to go dancing there, however.

What the hell are we talking about? Well, you may remember a story from last week about a series of stabbings at downtown San Jose's Club Wet. We thought we'd share some info that came to us thanks to some non-Club Wet-going 18th Floor workers...

Last weekend, Club Wet's representative (a.k.a. lobbyist) Dustin DeRollo said, with regards to the latest stabbing, that:
"...It was one individual bad apple that spoiled the barrel..." and
"...We don't think this was preventable..."
Between all the stabbings and increased attention their (weak) security has been receiving, Club Wet has known for some time that it was in trouble. So much trouble, in fact, they hired a lobbyist two months ago. (See lobbyist filing below.)

Just to recap:
  • Club Wet had problems with security and stabbings for at least six months.
  • Instead of doing something about their security, they decide to do something about their image at City Hall.
  • Club Wet hires a "high-priced" lobbyist to spin away the Club's problems rather than improving security to actually address the problem.
Why does all this matter?
Well, for all you astute observers, this is the same lobbyist (and lobbying firm) that works for the bail bonds shops in town. Remember, these guys have big clout with some folks on the City Council, as pointed out by Merc. columnist Scott Herhold: "...The lobbying firm of Saggau-DeRollo and their clients have given generously to councilmembers: As a group, they gave $10,000 to helping Madison Nguyen beat recall, $3,400 to help elect Rose Herrera..."

So, is Club Wet going to get as warm a reception at City Hall as the Bail Bonds seem to get? Or, will Club Wet be seen as the bad apple spoiling the downtown nightlife barrel...

Club Wet's Lobbyist Filing

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