Thursday, July 23, 2009

Morning News Round-Up -- 7.23.09: Fabio + Garlic = Recall?

From Gilroy: The Recall Capital of Santa Clara County -- Gilroy Mayoral Wannabe/ County Supervisor Don Gage says he’s so-not trying to force Mayor Al Pinheiro out of office... but he does want to replace him if the recall is successful. The Supervisor has even offered to lead Pinheiro’s anti-recall effort. (With friends like that...) Expect the political fireworks to be on full display this weekend as the Garlic Festival heats up (featuring Top Chef's Fabio...).

Former California Water Service (San Jose Water Company) Auditor Abdirahman Ismail Abdi is on his way back to San Jose after getting busted in the UK. You remember Ismail, he tried slinking out of town with a cool $9 million.

Naval Officer/Sunnyvale Councilmember (on hiatus) Otto Lee was spotted in Silicon Valley on shore leave. The Merc’s Sal Pizarro reports Mike Fox, Sr. has signed up as chief fundraiser to retire Lee’s $200,000 Supervisorial campaign debt.

Mountain View’s City leaders are pissed the Guvernator is looking to grab as much as $6 million. Mountain View and the royally pissed off San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed ($100 million) might be joining 188 other cities in the League of California Cities Stop the Ponzi Scheme lawsuit.

The Mountain View Voice Editorial Board weighs in on the Civil Grand Jury report slamming local school districts saying the Grand Jury missed the forest for the trees and calling the reports deductions “ridiculous.” We are certain the Civil Grand Jury's feelings are hurt...

The Palo Alto VA’s blinding Optometrists got support from the Mother Ship. The California Optometric Association is standing behind Veterans Affairs Optometry Chief, Curtis Keswick, over accusations the VA blinded 7 veterans.

Team San Jose is teaming up with Los Angeles’ Nederlander Concerts in an attempt to breathe life into the San Jose Civic Center. Local Nederlander Max McAndrew said the Civic had great bones “it just needed some love.”

The Merc’s Scott Herhold takes time out from his usual tone to celebrate U.S. District Court Judge Charles Breyer’s sense of design. That is, Herhold tells us we can thank Breyer for decorating local courthouses.

Train vs. Man, never good. A man was killed while apparently trying to cross the railroad tracks near Caltrain’s Blossom Hill Station.

Won’t somebody please replace Foothill-DeAnza Community College Trustee Hal Plotkin? The District has applications open until August 17, expect a replacement August 31.

In a news round-up for toney Los Altans (and their Hillside brothers and sisters)

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