Friday, July 24, 2009

Morning News Round-Up -- 7.24.09: DA Carr meet Lt. Carr

Yet again there’s a big "Oops" being heard over at the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s office. This time the widow of slain shopkeeper Vahid Hosseini got worried when she found out last month her $14,000 security consultant was none other than District Attorney Dolores Carr’s hubby… Too bad it took the widow to raise the alarm in the potential death penalty case. DA Carr is stepping aside from the case... Amazing that this potential conflict didn't come up in the DA's race in 2006. (Just kidding.)

San Jose Congressmember Mike Honda is elated over a $4 million Congressional committee recommendation to clean up Mt. Umunhum’s abandoned military base. If approved, work could begin as soon as fall.

A special OpEd in the Mercury News criticizes Congresswoman Eshoo for wanting to protect the biotech industry a bit too much in the pending healthcare bill. (The OpEd is written by biotech/ pharmaceutical industry watchdogs...)

San Jose Police Chief Rob Davis has a few words for Judge Diane Northway as she ponders the fate of convicted police killer DeShawn Campbell. His “highly unusual” request to speak is supported by Prosecutor Lane Liroff.

The Merc’s Editorial Board meandered through the Norman Mineta International Airport’s new digs, they’re thrilled.

Keeping up with the State money raid: Morgan Hill is looking at losing nearly $10 million over the next 2 years. Assemblymember Bill Monning stopped by City Hall to “commiserate.” Perhaps his commiserating could be better done by making local government's case in Sacramento?

It’s a wet kinda day (not that Wet…) leading to this equation:
(EPA Superfund * 2 Decades + Toxic Fumes) * People = More Clean up for Mountain View Triangle (and a pretty complicated Watch Dog equation)

That annoying little matter of cost could dash Gilroy recall champion Mark Zappa’s plan to end Mayor Al Pinheiro’s reign. Zappa said “I would never do [the recall] if it cost [$400,000], never.” Zappa still wants to talk to anti-recall campaign manager/ Mayoral wannabe/ Supervisor Don Gage “…to see what he stands for now.”

“…what the hell business is that of yours?” asks Gilroy Councilmember/former Memorial Day parade organizer Craig Gartman who bought “espresso beans” for parade employees. Colleague/ Councilmember Dion Bracco’s wife, Christy, with the new committee is pissed about the (alleged) lack of financial paperwork while District Attorney Dolores Carr receives mysterious “espresso bean” mail. (Perhaps the DA can be part of this case without a conflict?)

Hoping to fill Supervisor Don Gage’s feisty shoes are (at least) four wannabe’s and the Morgan Hill Times introduces them. Of the four, Gilroy Councilmember/Dr. Peter Arellano sent his spokesmodel to answer questions.

If you love paella from Parsley Sage Rosemary and Thyme (who doesn’t), you can catch them along with other local chefs starting today at the annual homage to the stinking rose. At least, so says the Merc’s Sal Pizarro who nose his way around a good dish.

Los Gatos Town Manager Greg Larson said thanks, but no thanks to the petitions calling for Los Gatos Council term limits and library spending. Term limit/ anti-library champion former, Councilmember Steve Glickman, was unavailable while Mayor Mike Wasserman said simply they “… didn’t comply with the law.” Watch Dog loves small town politics...

Mountain View City Council hates kids? Youth Motivated for Action and Involvement seems poised to say so after their calls for options for kids are rejected

A Post-It note fan vandalized the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory damaging thousands of synchrotron radiation lightsource samples. The synchrotron may be best remembered for looking deep into the “evolutionary keystone” Thermopolis Archaeopteryx. (We don't really know what we just wrote, but we figured it was an important story...)

The Blogosphere shrinks…

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