Thursday, August 27, 2009

Morning News Round-Up -- 8.27.09: A Cause for NIMBY Celebration

High-Speed Rail foes have something, other than their never-ending NIMBYism, to hang their hats on today. A Judge questioned the Environmental Impact Report for the proposed route over Pacheco Pass (and into San Jose). This has NIMBYs pretty psyched. Not so fast, say High-Speed Rail advocates, because the Judge also called the other possible routes, over Altamont Pass and across the Bay, too expensive. Nonetheless, this means delay, and cost, and probably huge parties up and down the Caltrain corridor this weekend. Remember, if you drink at these parties NIMBYs, take the train home...

Speaking of High-Speed Rail, perhaps it is the only issue that could be less fun for local a member of Congress to hear about than healthcare at a Town Hall these days... And Congresswoman Eshoo heard all about it this week.

Speaking of Speaking...

The Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi was in town yesterday greeted by San Jose's Rotary Club (and Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren...) The Merc focused their coverage (and headline) of the story on the protesters outside the Rotary meeting while San Jose Inside focused on what the Speaker said...

And speaking of trains...

Diridon Station was closed for a period of time yesterday afternoon after a written bomb threat was found.

Prosecutors from the Santa Clara County District Attorney's office are in the news today, and (amazingly) the story doesn't involved the words "lack of ethics" or "Dolores Carr"... (They are supporting a bill that the Governor is expected to sign to crack down on fraudulent mortgage brokers.)

It seems access to public information isn't an issue only in San Jose (think text messages)... Saratoga is dealing with it too. Saratoga officials are complaining that they have received 20 requests so far this year. (San Jose's City Clerk Lee Price is ROFL at that HUGE number.)

Here are the scrolling headlines of the Gilroy Dispatch today.
  • Police arrest man after high speed drunken chase.
  • Murder suspect pleads guilty to unrelated drug charge.
  • Wanted man adds stolen gun, stolen motorcycle charges to list.
Need we say more?

The Morgan Hill Times has a slightly different crime story: Skaters attack ice cream truck...

Your South County papers, all crime, all the time.

And finally, the Merc's Scott Herhold provides a local angle (Jude Barry) to the death of Senator Kennedy. The Editorial page also pays respects.

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