Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Morning News Round-Up -- 9.01.09: Don't all plug your Teslas in at once... please

It is football season in Sacramento, sort of. State Senator Elaine Alquist lends her support to the 49ers request for picking their stadium builder. Alquist penned a piece for the Merc. complimenting Santa Clara’s City Council and touting the benefits of SB43 as it winds its way through Sacramento.

San Jose Councilmember/San Jose Insider Pierluigi Oliverio provides a blow by blow of last week’s retirement board governance meetings, for the 99.95% of San Jose who didn’t go. Peace Officers Research Association Director/ Protect San Jose’s Pete Pomerleau joined Oliverio and dished his own opinion noting “…Councilmembers Ash Kalra and Rose Herrera sat through both community meetings…” Must not have notice Oliverio taking prodigious notes.

Like they say, almost only counts in horseshoes and… Monte Sereno recall backers failed in their attempts to gather the necessary 602 signatures to take out Mayor Curtis Wright, Vice Mayor Don Perry, and Councilmember Lana Malloy for voting themselves a $300 monthly salary. Recall-meister Lon Allen promises/ threatens this isn’t his last foray into politics. Perhaps it should be...

The economic disaster has hit home for Silicon Valley’s small banks. Focus Bank (celebrating one year in the trenches) looks at a $1.5 million loss. The good news is local banks point out they are “well capitalized” and should “weather the storm.”

Put on your hiking shoes… Fans of the great outdoors will be happy to hear the Stevens Creek Trail is gaining momentum. Mountain View accepted funds to complete a section. Sunnyvale had a “breakthrough” when fears of crime proved unfounded according to Mayor Christopher Moylan. Los Altos Councilmember Val Carpenter is hopeful Sunnyvale’s breakthrough gets more options on the table.

Palo Alto’s greenies are abuzz over Tesla’s impending arrival. Palo Alto Utilities Electrical Engineering Manager Patrick Valath want you to know if everybody plugs in their car at the same time “it could have an impact.” A vision of all of Palo Alto plugging in simultaneously has the words “hot app” for smart meters falling like water.

Being a parent is tough. The Merc’s Scott Herhold provides some insight into the nostalgia and sadness that comes with watching the youngest walk out the door and into adulthood. Or, whatever adulthood means for a college freshman.

The Merc’s Sal Pizarro dishes the news that Wyatt Earp, ok, it’s really Hugh O’Brian, is riding into town.

The Los Gatos Union School District was still doing the math when they learned their numbers were down. “Math is more developmentally challenging” as you grow up, explained curriculum director Dr. Bitsey Stark when looking at Los Gatos sinking STAR numbers.

Mission City Lantern sings a love song for Santa Clara Mayor Patricia Mahan...

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