Monday, September 28, 2009

Morning News Round-Up – 9.28.09: Back in the news...

The Valley Transit Authority has gotten an earful about slow light rail from riders and Mr. Roadshow. They aim to do something about it but some of the Valley’s biggest transit supporters are less than excited about light rail 2.0. Silicon Valley Leadership Group’s Carl Guardino votes for the “less expensive” alternative of “bus rapid transit.”

Also interested in putting happy wheels on the road… San Jose gets federal stimulus dollars to repave 19 of their 2,300 road miles. According to San Jose Transportation deputy director Hans Larsen the $15 million drop in the bucket is appreciated but hardly covers San Jose’s $283 million backlog.

Local Deputy Dogs are pissed off over a county report saying they pay too much for e-booking bad guys. Federal law enforcement pays nothing for computerized booking while poor Los Altos Hills paid nearly $11,000 for one booking in 2007. The answer, of course, is sending law enforcement officers driving to county offices to file reports. Or, LAH arrests more people.

Rosemary Stasek was a catholic and a staunch supporter of women’s rights. “A society is really built up on how it treats women,” according to Stasek and a big part of the reason she landed in Afghanistan. The Merc’s Patty Fisher shares details on the remarkable Silicon Valley woman who left home for less green pastures.

The Merc’s Internal Affairs did a mighty-lot of sleuthing last week…

  • The case of District Attorney Dolores Carr & spouse (ethical) screw-up ranked a letter from attorney/friend B. Robert Allard (apparently) to the prosecutor’s chief opponent asking to let bygones be bygones.
  • Round 2 – the Government Attorney’s Association was asked to investigate a vote of no-confidence against their big dog, District Attorney Dolores Carr. The mystery is who asked...
  • Sunnyvale, according to IA, needed “schooling in the California Public Records Act” before dishing on home loans to 6 Sunnyvalian employees including nearly $900,000 to City Manager Gary Luebbers.
  • (former)Hewlett Packard Tech giant/senatorial wannabe Carly Fiorina takes a ribbing from the Merc’s Internal Affairs the Huffington Post as well as a host of bloggers for the “Worst Political Website Ever.”
The Merc’s Scott Herhold takes his readers on a sentimental journey through the tale of two weddings (no funerals) and a peek into his daughter’s wedding of the future. Along the way Herhold offers his thought that the legalization of gay marriage will happen, it’s only a matter of time

Homeless pooches are the beneficiaries of the Humane Society’s annual Walk N’ Wag this weekend while pampered pooches can hang at Pooch in Sunnyvale for only $100 a night according to the Merc’s Sal Pizarro.

The Merc’s Editorial Board calls on Senator Dianne Feinstein to fight for the $4 million Congressman Mike Honda wants to clean up Mt Umunhum. Calling the sum a “pittance in the context of billions in military spending” the Merc hopes Feinstein will “make this project a bright light in an otherwise dark hour of investment in public facilities.”

San Jose Insider/Councilmember Pierluigi Oliverio argues against a “plastic bag bureaucracy” and suggests instead banishment of the single-use poopy diaper. Also Inside, Jack Van Zandt had a rockin’ good time with Joan Baez kicking off the Mariachi and Mexican Heritage Festival.

Protect San Jose’s Mary Klotzbach shares the wrenching story of her son’s death at the wheel of a drunk driver and the costs associated with drunk driving.

Normally a 49ers booster, Mission City Lantern sends props to the Vikings for their “marvelous” win. Really, James?

If watching your local elected officials is your thing, here’s the hap’s for this week

  • San Jose’s Community and Economic Development Committee talks outsourcing, no, they’re not sending street paving to India.
  • San Jose’s City Council reviews a contract for the Consortium for Police Leadership in Equity (nearly a year after the fiasco that go this ball rolling), considers letting anyone buy low income housing and hopes to make it easier on city landmarks.
  • The Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors and San Jose City Council meet together to talk flu pandemic and census. Apparently, none of the other Silicon Valley cities plan on having pandemics.
  • The Mountain View-Whisman School District considers proposals on school size, boundaries, transportation, enrollment priorities and independent study. And, as if that weren’t enough fun, Trustees talk salaries.

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