Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Morning News Round-Up – 10.13.09:

Peninsula residents met with High-Speed Rail Authority experts to review the over/under/through options to move those 100 mph trains from San Francisco to Los Angeles. The anti-roller coaster requirement takes all the fun out of transitions between grades and is giving some residents headaches. You still have time for an “Alternative Analysis” meeting tonight in San Francisco. San Jose resident Larry Ames was pleased to see his curvy high-rise proposal on the chalk board…

Mountain View was planning for a rainy day when they bought up small bits of land and identified it as possible parklands. Their rainy day has arrived and those crusty old apartment buildings will soon make way for small parks and playgrounds along Mariposa and Del Medio Avenues.

Los Gatos’ Mayor Mike Wasserman finally ‘fessed up. Yes, he is running to replace Supervisor Don Gage. The Mayor announced he’s running on a cost-saving platform, after all, he is a tax preparer.

The Palo Alto Daily News has made their choice for City Council: Larry Klein, Corey Levens, Gail Price, Leon Leong and Dan Dykwel.

The Merc’s Editorial Board is fed up with the political wrangling preventing downtown San Jose from building a new urgent care center. “… each day of delay is a further shame” in the 5 years since San Jose’s downtown hospital was closed, according to the Merc and there’s no better time than the present to jump start replacement.

Paul “not a doormat” McCauley thought he was doing a favor when he moved a billboard sporting van for the owner of “Hassle Free Process Service.” The Merc’s Scott Herhold reports McCauley is the one facing the hassle and legal beagle Jim McManis stands to benefit from McCauley’s lapse in judgment.

Kudos to Voodoo Lounge owners David Powell and Tony Beers for pulling the plug on homophobic musicians Buju Banton, according to the Merc’s Sal Pizarro. Also tops on the Pizarro list of good, the InnVision homage to 007, complete with “shaken, not stirred.”

Protect San Jose sent props to MADD on passage of the breathalyzer ignition switch for first-time drunk drivers…

From previous San Jose Council meetings we know Councilmember Pierluigi Oliverio’s thoughts run through the gutters (Library content filters anyone?), now we learn he’s dragged the rest of his body through the gutter during a sewer tour.

Palo Alto thieves made off with Gamble Gardens froggy and are politely asked to return both the frog and his lilypad says Executive Director Vanessa Roach.

As the first of the Winter storms hits, look forward to flooding and crashes on local roadways. Sounds like a good day for racking up some tele-commute time.

Gary “Mr. Roadshow” Richards dishes on good eats, police-style, for food-lovin’ road warriors. Best advice, look for those patrol cars in the parking lot when hitting your neighborhood eatery.

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