Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Morning News Round-Up -- 10..28.09: Homeroom Modeling Agency...

San Jose’s City Hall was the scene of another protest by Vietnamese-Americans, civil liberties, and civil rights groups calling for an open grand jury and release of 911 tapes following the beating and arrest of SJSU math student Phuong Ho. Joining the growing chorus was City Councilmember Sam Liccardo and Vietnamese-American elected officials from across the state. The Merc’s Editorial Board says Police Chief Rob Davis is wrong if he thinks people in minority communities would report problems with the Police and that the incident with Phuong Ho highlights the need for Sunshine. Obviously, the Editorial Board doesn't realize that Chief Davis is never wrong... well, maybe not never. Remember when he got the drunk arrest statistics wrong?

Ooops, someone at the City of San Jose's Planning Department is blushing after a screw-up was found in the Environmental Impact Report regarding traffic related to the proposed new MLB stadium in San Jose. It turns out traffic won’t be as bad as predicted... or maybe it will be worse?

And we move to Santa Clara for two other big stories of the day...

Santa Clara’s City Council said of course the 49ers could pick their builder without using a competitive bid process. Councilmember Kevin Moore said it’s about “doing something for Santa Clara.” A relieved 49ers spokesperson Lisa Lang called the vote a “significant step” in moving the coin toss to Santa Clara.

Wilcox High is back in the news… In August, we learned that a teacher was arrested for (allegedly) sleeping with female students. Last week, we learned that the same teacher may have been sending creepy emails to female students for years with the (alleged) knowledge of the school's Principal. Today we learn that a janitor in the same school, Joe Miller, is being bounced for taking “sexually suggestive photos” of students for his modeling agency -- Rockabilly Models. Maybe a better name would have been "Homeroom Modeling"... If you are interested in seeing the fine, artistic, and creepy work of Mr. Miller, check out this video... then ask yourself, should a guy working in a school be hiring teenage models?:

(Related Note: If you are a Santa Clara Councilmember and you are a "friend" of Rockabilly Models on Facebook, perhaps you should log-in this morning and remove yourself...)

Continuing to scrounge for pennies lost in the sofa cushions, San Jose is going after pet owners who didn’t license Fluffy or Spot. The Merc notes that San Jose Councilmember Pete Constant missed the critter talk, along with City Manager Debra Figone’s grim proposal to cut employee costs and spending $2 million to purchase a (soon to be former) drug rehabilitation center.

Los Altos Hills’ Jim and Becky Morgan have set their sites on saving 100,000 acres near Lake Tahoe. Former County Supervisor/ State Senator Becky Morgan says the goal is to “get ahead of the building wave.”

New poppa Sal Pizarro uses his Merc space to share the words of wisdom given to him from Silicon Valley Dads. Pizarro and wife Amy are taking a few weeks off to get to know Mia Elizabeth Pizarro… Congratulations, Sal and Amy! We guess Silicon Valley will shut down during Sal's leave...


Anonymous said...

Looks like a fashion show you clown make more of it then needs to be. Maybe you should go to all the high school fashion shows and slander them

kenduret said...

Maybe you need to look at the overwhelming support from the community, students and staff of Wilcox and realized your words are pretty misguided.

The man is a champion of youth and deserves fair treatment.