Friday, October 30, 2009

Morning News Round-Up -- 10.30.09: Respecting Girls Edition...

According to (former) prosecutor/ ABC 7 legal analyst Dean Johnson, the Santa Clara County District Attorney Dolores Carr crossed an ethical line by (seemingly) cutting a plea deal for a campaign contributor's client. Deputy District Attorney/ DA wannabe Jeff Rosen offered his opinion the DA cast doubt the equity of treatment from the Carr. Rosen is no doubt delighted his boss is tripping over her own pointy-toed shoes.

The Merc’s Patty Fisher takes on the tragic gang rape in Richmond, attempting to use it as a teaching moment. Fisher points back to the DeAnza gang rape and asks why, in both cases, it was young women who bravely stepped forward to stop their male friends from torturing young women and call the cops. Fisher suggests a societal problem – we do not respect girls. (Note to Dolores Carr, please read Patty Fisher today...)

Speaking of respecting girls... (or perhaps 'respecting' them a little too much for a school employee)...

Wilcox High students pissed over the turmoil janitor Joe Miller finds himself in launched the Silicon Valley solution – a Facebook page filled with comments from adoring fans. Following a five month investigation into Miller's use of students for his modeling agency and complaints about “provocative” photos, it seems the School Board is ready to unload the questionable broom-closet modeling agency. (To all of you who are about comment on this blog about this case -- bring it on. Just because someone is a great guy and is "Mr. Wilcox" does not make what he did right. Stick to your guns School Board.)

The Mountain View Los Altos High School District is hoping to go green – and have the voters say yes. If your phone rings it could be the pollsters deciding whether to move forward with greening the classes.

A Cupertino family is struggling with the loss of their 5 year old son after one of his teachers from the Elite Chinese School accidentally drove over him.

San Jose’s Pamela Root and 2 year old Adam were surprised to find the fun loving skies of Southwest Airlines wouldn’t include them. Seems Adam was doing his terrible 2’s best when flight attendants decided they’d had enough – the plane returned to the gate in Texas and left the Root’s stranded on the tarmac. The flight attendant told Root “we just can’t tolerate that for 2 hours.” Ironic, since that's what most folks say about flying Southwest, "we just can't tolerate that for 2 hours..."

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Anonymous said...

I have one question for you CLOWN.

If joe Miller was fired for his website, why is the PRINCIPAL TAB TABER who permitted Joe to use students (with parents permission) for photo shoots and even let Joe have a show on campus, Still working at Wilcox. Joe is a being used as a distraction by the district