Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Morning News Round-Up -- 10.6.09: No kissing...

If you screwed up as a kid this is your chance for a fresh start. Take the case of Dominick Hendricks who was caught on tape necking on the San Jose State Campus – that turned into a conviction for a “lewd act.” Thanks to some of those federal stimulus bucks, Hendricks might not have to report his crime. More interesting, what are those SJSU Police up to when kissing on campus is a crime?

Another reason for kids to hate school – and parents to love it. The San Jose Unified School District will offer all 32,000 students free swine flu inoculation.

It was a busy weekend for Morgan Hill Police along with San Jose’s gang unit and other County law enforcement agencies. Gang members were busy beating, stabbing, and shooting in Morgan Hill leaving 1 dead in the City’s first homicide in 4 years. First a Milpitas homicide -- now Morgan Hill...

San Jose’s Rock and Roll half-marathon took a tragic turn when 2 runners in their 30’s died.

The Santa Clara Valley Water District Directors poked at staff last year asking for a reduction in expenses. This year Board Chair Sig “Methuselah” Sanchez said he was “pleased with the (latest) report” showing travel was down. The reductions follow a Morgan Hill Times report chastising the Agency for travel and overtime.

Gilroy Planning Commissioners said no to development in the hills but signed on to expanding the City’s boundaries with proposals from Shapell and Wren Investors. A pissed off Michele Beasley with the Greenbelt Alliance called all 3 proposals sprawl saying there was plenty of land in City limits. Yes Michele, but Gilroy needs to protect that land for outlets...

Gilroy has visions of turning the Garlic Capitol into a bustling transportation hub while Councilmember Perry Woodward worries the proposed design of a 3 story, 5 lane rail line is “troubling.” Unlike toney neighbors to the North, trenching is “far too expensive” for Gilroy.

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