Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Morning News Round-Up -- 11.18,09: Rapid-Response Rosen...

Teens Jae Williams and Randy Thompson hung with Michael Russell at Santa Teresa High, all dressed in black and sporting bandanas... then the stabbed Russell to death. District Attorney Dolores Carr charged the teens as adults after looking “at everyone’s culpability and social history.” Thompson’s attorney, Richard Pointer, is looking for a psychiatrist because there are “some issues” that could help his client.

While DA Carr deals with this case... she is also dealing with a political race. It seems her poll numbers are dropping fast. Not too many people want to see her get re-elected according to a San Jose State poll. This is news that challenger Jeff Rosen's people have already had some rapid-response fun with...

Speaking of kids being charged as adults... San Jose has the dubious distinction of housing 5 teenagers in jail, all being charged as adults for violent crimes. The Merc’s Editorial Board is following the U.S. Supreme Court as they wade into analogies that teens are like powerful cars missing working brakes. The Merc calls for an end to life sentences for teens.

And speaking of (former) prosecutors in trouble... (Former) prosecutor Ben Field sat at the defendants' table while a State Bar of California appellate panel attacked Field’s request to overturn a 4 year suspension for misconduct. While Field waits to hear if his punishment is decreased – or made worse – he continues as right hand for (former) Vice Mayor/ Labor leader Cindy Chavez.

Terrified tiny-tots attending downtown San Jose’s Lowell Elementary School got their anti-Swine dose the easy way – a nasal spray. Head Nurse Melinda Landau happily said “we’re doing good” before packing up and heading to Washington Elementary. Ixia Rivera a 10 year old now Swine-proofed said “it felt weird… but it didn’t’ hurt.”

Environmentalists for Meg? Conservatives are pissed that Silicon Valley Republican Gubernatorial wannabe Meg Whitman gave nearly $1.4 million to environmental causes.

San Jose Police Captain Manny Martinez is ditching San Jose to become Daly City’s new Chief of Police. When the going gets tough... the tough head north... could the Chief be far behind?

There is a simple solution to missing goals – change them. San Jose Chief Development Officer Paul Krutko thinks lowered expectations for Team San Jose’s management of the Convention Center will still be tough to meet during the current economic disaster, but he’d love to see “measures with higher levels of performance.” Team San Jose President Dan Fenton blames bad data from the City as the Convention Center heads for its biggest financial loss in 5 years. Mayor Chuck Reed scolded Fenton for an unconvincing media band-aid.

San Jose Police are working the press for feel good stories to counter their pesky media nightmares. The Merc’s Patty Fisher shares a heroe's tale after learning rookie Officer Matt Bordoni was a two time lifesaver. A quick thinking, and Morse Code savvy, 10 year old Bordoni rescued a neighbor in trouble.

San Jose Councilmember/VTA Vice Chair Sam Liccardo announced plans to introduce “segregated bike lanes” while doubling the miles of bike lanes in San Jose. Liccardo also let loose plans to solve the “first mile – last mile” dilemma for transit riders with a bike share program.

Mountain View neighbors of Cuesta Park are pissed to hear plans for flood protection and worry it could destroy the “rural feel” of their park. Mountain View Mayor Ronit Bryant says there’s “no way everyone can agree and be happy” but remains confident most people are “ok with the process.”

Mission City Lantern welcomes (not really) the return of anti-Mayor Judy Nadler gadfly Debbie Bress. (And Mr. Rowen, we are sorry about our spell-check oversight... thanks for the correction. We just wanted to make sure you were paying attention...)

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