Friday, December 18, 2009

Morning News Round-Up -- 12.18.09: The Carlyle Group Amusement Park?

We figured this was coming: the craziness, self-importance, and patronizing nature of San Francisco politics has entered the A's to San Jose fray. Earlier in the week, we learned that a group had formed in San Jose to opposed Major League Baseball downtown. It was widely suggested that the group was a front for the San Francisco Giants, and that has been confirmed. Now, the City Attorney in San Francisco has sent a letter to the Commissioner of MLB and threatened a lawsuit if MLB doesn't treat the San Francisco Giants like the spoiled brats they want to be treated as. "I've seen better reasoned temper tantrums than this. This saber-rattling reflects the delusional belief of San Francisco's moneyed interests and their attorney's that San Jose should play the role of a subservient minor-league suburb." Amen Councilmember Liccardo.

Meanwhile, up the street in Santa Clara...

The most anti-49er folks -- the ones that own Great America (Cedar Fair) -- sold to a private equity firm yesterday. Obviously, this adds a layer of complexity to their fight against the 49ers and the City of Santa Clara. Mayor Mahan doesn't know how this affects the 49ers' deal and the new owners of Great America, Apollo Global, weren't talking, uttering the phrase that makes PR folks cringe all over the world, "No comment... at this point, that's all I'm saying." Don't worry Santa Clara,
Apollo Global is a joint venture with The Carlyle Group and they are universally loved... except by these folks, and these folks, and these folks...

The Merc Editorial Board chimes in to say that whether next year's ballot measure is put on their by the City of Santa Clara or by the 49ers, as long as it is written honestly, voters will have their day at the ballot box...

heard those famous lyrics, but instead of taking his guns to town, he took them near a school down the block from his house, which is illegal in California. Mr. Fontano's brothers brought the "Open Carry Movement" to their extremely smart brother's attention and he wanted to showcase his beautiful .357 Magnum. Some interesting parts of the story: it seems Fontano asked a few police officers if it was ok to carry an unloaded weapon around on full-view (it is) and this quote where Fontano is describing the entire dust-up: "It's a nice looking gun to put in your showcase... So, this here thing has blown me away." Ironic to use the phrase "blown me away" when the police just nabbed you on school property with their guns drawn...

Amazing that Sarah Palin and the Open Carry Movement in San Jose news on two successive days... it cannot be a coincidence.

This is some well-planned Christmas news: the f_ _ _ing interchange at 280/17/880 will get an overhaul starting in 2011. This will make millions of commuters (and shoppers) very happy in 2013.

We love this headline in the Merc/BANG papers: San Mateo, Santa Clara counties hosting sobriety checkpoints. The term "hosting" makes is seem like a party where they will be serving cheese, crackers, and perhaps some delicious pate.

There was a candlelight vigil held in Gilroy for Sarah Botill who died on December 5th after a night of alcohol. This will rock Gilroy and Gilroy High for some time.

DRAMA in an unlikely place, the Los Gatos-Saratoga Union High School District Board. There is apparently a great divide among Board members and the "election" of new officers sparked some serious controversy. The Saratoga News gives you a run-down if you are that interested in the details... We have to wonder if this is a Los Gatos versus Saratoga thing. Wouldn't that be great?

Giving a nod to paranoids everywhere, Sunnyvale will begin to monitor "emissions" from cell phone towers.

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