Thursday, February 18, 2010

Morning News Round-Up -- 2.18.10: Guess who is coming to breakfast?

There was a bad plane crash in East Palo Alto yesterday. Unless you were under a rock, you know that three Tesla Motors employees were killed in the tragic crash. It also caused major damage to Palo Alto Utilities.

Guess who is coming to the Mayor's breakfast this morning? Lew Wolff, the Oakland A's owner. Not only is he coming, but he is introducing the Mayor, so at least one part of the speak won't be Ambien-like. Perhaps an MLB announcement will be forthcoming? Or perhaps Lew Wolff likes runny eggs... and the Mayor.

We joked that the Mardi Gras in San Jose was planned to have a "normal police presense," whatever that means... So it stands to reason that Police categorized Mardi Gras as like 'a calm weekend night'... as if that exists...

Hate the card clubs, love the card club money. That's what San Jose is all about. Here's what to look forward to in the coming weeks/ months: San Jose will put a ballot measure on a ballot to increase taxes on card clubs, then card clubs threaten to fight the ballot measure, then the City will allow more tables to allow card clubs to make more money so the card clubs don't oppose the ballot measure. Sort of like political racketeering by the card clubs... Too bad San Jose Revealed's coverage of the issues isn't linkable right now...

Do Not Cross, Park Closed... apparently San Jose Park Rangers mean it. Really, really mean it.

Does someone really have plan to redo Hangar One? Eddie Orton thinks he's got a plan and the money to do it. Eddie Orton is an Emeryville developer... Emeryville? Perhaps a Mountain View Ikea inside an enormous hangar?

In other Mountain View-area development news... Google doesn't want Mountain View to do evil in the North Bayshore neighborhood. In Google's view, evil = development...

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