Friday, March 12, 2010

Morning News Round-Up -- 3.12.10: Pegram vs. Constant?

The Republicans are coming, the Republicans are coming... to Santa Clara. We wonder if the only two Republicans we write about on the local level -- San Jose Councilmember Pete Constant and his good "friend" Council candidate Larry Pegram -- will pass each other on the Convention floor and fight about San Jose City Council District 9. We kind of hope so. Two former San Jose Police Officers wrestling to the floor of the Republican Convention as Pat Dando and Jim Cunneen look on... that would be something. Not for nothing, we think Pete Constant could crush (literally and figuratively) Larry Pegram in a fight...

Speaking of Larry Pegram... In case you missed Watch Dog's details of Pegram's "non-profit" yesterday afternoon, take a gander (Values Advocacy Council: A deficit-ridden slush fund for Larry Pegram?). We guess one of the Values of the Council is taking up to 70 percent of the money raised for yourself... Oh, and it seems that Mr. Pegram is so focused on running for City Council, that he hasn't had time to stop running for Congress... his website is still up from when he thought running for office in Tracy was what he wanted to do with his life. Ironically, one of the issues he was running on was "..increased liberty and freedom..." we guess that doesn't extend to what you can read on a computer in a library...

The City of San Jose is writing off some bad debts that are owed...
Speaking of writing off bad debt... sort of. The San Jose Airport is hoping that their debt doesn't turn bad. But Patty Fisher of the Merc grills the aiport's spokesman David Vossbrink (who commented here...) to promote the week-long celebration being planned for June.

At least the millions spent at the airport (billions, actually) got a beautiful new building built. The County spent $20 million to get an audit done by Deloitte Consulting and the new County Exec called it "a waste of money"... but throwing good money after bad seems to be the next move for the County Exec with regards to the Valley Medical Center. This time, the price tag is only $100,000 to get the same results as the Deloitte waste of money... but after spending $20 million, what's an extra $100K?

As the County figures out new ways to spend money on things, they are also looking at the November ballot to raise some money too... and it only needs a majority vote to pass, so expect this one to be a homerun. The County may put a measure on the ballot to increase your vehicle license fee by $10 to go to road improvements. Watch Dog seems to remember that the vehicle license fee was once a touchy subject for a certain California politician...

Just in case you missed it last night, the Sharks scored a touchdown in the third period. They missed the extra point, but they still beat Nashville 8-5. (Nashville obviously had a field goal and a safety...)

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From Ca Rep Party web site:

Saturday March 13, 20107:30 am Registration Opens
7:30am CRP Breakfast Featuring
Andrew Breitbart of,
Congressman Darrell Issa, &
Pete Constant, San Jose City Councilman