Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The way we (almost) were...

There has been a lot written lately about the South Bay Labor Council and their heavy-handed political tactics. Specifically, these three high-profile issues:
  1. Cindy Chavez had Jude Barry placed on the California Labor Federation's "do not patronize" list,
  2. Cindy Chavez and Neil Struthers sent a nasty/ threatening letter to Democratic Assemblymembers who wrote checks to San Jose City Council candidate Magdalena Carrasco, who is running against Councilmember Nora Campos' brother/ Neil Struthers' brother-in-law Xavier Campos. (Carrasco's ex-husband is State Assemblymember Kevin De Leon), and
  3. Cindy Chavez tried to rally her Labor allies to endorse Republican District Attorney Dolores Carr over challenger Democrat Jeff Rosen.

Labor would like to get their political way 100 percent of the time so they can get their policies passed 100 percent of the time. So, perhaps we should look back at how things could have been if Labor had their way 100 percent of the time.

Here is the City Council now:

Mayor Chuck Reed
District 1 Pete Constant
District 2 Ash Kalra
District 3 Sam Liccardo
District 4 Kansen Chu
District 5 Nora Campos
District 6 Pierluigi Oliverio
District 7 Madison Nguyen
District 8 Rose Herrera
District 9 Judy Chirco
District 10 Nancy Pyle

And here is how the City Council would look right now with if Labor had their way...

Mayor Cindy Chavez
District 1 Jay James
District 2 Ash Kalra
District 3 Manny Diaz
District 4 Chuck Reed
District 5 Nora Campos
District 6 Clark Williams
District 7 Terry Gregory
District 8 Rose Herrera
District 9 Christian Hemingway
District 10 Nancy Pyle

Let that sink in for a bit... the way were (almost) were...

Diaz, Gregory, and Hemingway -- sort of like a bad sitcom...

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Kathleen said...

Hey WD! How goes it? Well, the nice thing about the way things turned out is that Christian and I are a couple. If he had won the D9 race, which he is eternally grateful he didn't, we wouldn't have started dating!

He wouldn't have gotten certified in mediation, or started working in the social justice field. So all and all, things worked out for the best!