Thursday, April 1, 2010

On the one hand, the Internet has done wonders for politics. Think John McCain in 2000, Howard Dean in 2004, and Barack Obama in 2008.

On the other hand, we have "also-rans" in reelection campaigns against the Mayor and some City Councilmembers in San Jose. There are also some folks who may or may not be viable in open seats. By talking about it on Watch Dog, we will undoubtedly send more traffic to some of these sad websites.

Here are some high(low)lights:
Susan Barragan is running for Mayor against Chuck Reed. Watch Dog's favorite Barragan proposal:
"I am looking to establish a new city health insurance program that will cover parents,children, and grandparents, for low income,high income, and no income families. This will be a priority to mandate, I will find the right sources of government departments to make this possible. Changes are needed for this health care crisis, lets make San Jose the healthiest place to live."
Perhaps Cindy Chavez would like to endorse Ms. Barragan...

David Clancy is running against Pete Constant and actually seems pretty credible, actually. Of course, he is running against an incumbent, so perhaps his political skills are lacking. David's answer to the age-old question "why am I running" is interesting:
"...I’m bothered by the wasteful spending and irresponsible governance of our current City Council. After meeting with our current City Councilman though, I felt compelled to run. I have no special interest ties and I can represent our neighborhood truly unencumbered..."
He must have caught Councilmember Constant on one of the days he was actually in City Hall...

Tim Hennessey is running against Sam Liccardo -- which required him to move from Morgan Hill... His site is still not up, but don't worry Tim, we'll "check back periodically"...

Chad Greer is one of the also-rans in District 9. He is the youngest person in the race, which may explain why he has the best looking website (Sorry Don, Jim, and Larry...) Of course, his youth may explain why he thinks the City of San Jose can improve schools:
Robert Cortese is also running in District 9, and his webpage speaks nothing of his being a Karaoke DJ (unfortunately)... Robert would like to spend City money on schools, which may sell with voters, but probably not with his would-be City Councilmembers:
"I will focus on improving efficiency within city government and save substantial funds that could be placed back into our school systems."
So, we will check back periodically to see how the websites are progressing. Good luck candidates...

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