Friday, November 21, 2008

Morning News Round-Up -- 11.21.08

Cities all over Silicon Valley are following the corporate trend…layoffs in San Jose and Morgan Hill top the news today.

Running a campaign of fiscal responsibility and vowing to make chronic deficits “public enemy #1” San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed’s task force goal of solving the budget problem in 3 years has been extended to 5 years says City Manager Debra Figone. Councilwoman Nora Campos suggests, "Now is not the right time to provide millions of dollars in subsidies to wealthy property owners," referring to the proposed $6 million handout to Tom McEnery. Councilmembers are lending their thoughts as to how to use redevelopment funds.

At the same time, Morgan Hill Mayor Steve Tate told residents the City may be facing layoffs due to a $3.3 million shortfall.

San Jose State University students slept on the grass in front of famed SJSU Olympians Tommie Smith and John Carlos as part of a nationwide effort to draw attention to homelessness. Not satisfied with a sleepover, the students organized a food and blanket drive according to student camper Victor Ngo. Today Project Homeless Connect will be providing an opportunity for the homeless to work directly agencies that serve the homeless.

Home sales are, well, in the toilet. The San Jose City Council has given the go ahead to developer Barry Swenson to convert condos at Tamien to rentals. The eleven story towers lie near the Tamien light rail line, across from one of San Jose’s older neighborhoods –- neighbor Ken Eklund said, “It was seen very clearly by the neighborhood that the project would not live up to the promises made by the developer and the City, and the neighborhood would be stuck with the result.”

Hollister is reeling with the death of toddler Donna May Busch and the news that her mother may have shot her.

San Jose Revealed follows up on the news that the Mercury continues to bleed talent. Revealed also shares cute picture of Mercury’s man-about-town Sal Pizzaro, while pointing to a piece about local luminaries such as Supervisor Don Gage, Soccer Goddess and NBC broadcaster Brandi Chastain, and Apple’s own Steve Wozniak with playful pooches in the failing San Jose Magazine.

In South County police say that there may be as many as 750 Norteños and Sureños, so it should be no surprise that gang members showed up at the funeral for Larry Martinez, Jr. in colors and with weapons. In an effort to stem the tide City Councilman Peter Arellano held a bilingual meeting Thursday night, telling residents, "We aren't here to tell the community what it needs, but to hear from you what the community needs."

Gilroy Unified School District Trustee Jaime Rosso is anxiously awaiting the final call from the Santa Clara Elections officials –- he stands a mere seven votes away from a third term.

The Morgan Hill Parks and Recreation Commission Thursday sent a message to the City Council they wanted the San Jose Earthquakes training in Morgan Hill.

In an attempt to look on the bright side, Watch Dog was happy to see renovations were complete, thanks to Jim Salata and Garden City Construction, for the lovely Sainte Claire building. The renovated apartments are, “more like places you'd find in New York or Chicago," said building owner Jim Fox, who took downtown bigwigs on a tour Thursday.

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