Monday, November 24, 2008

Morning News Round-Up -- 11.24.08

Just when it seemed San Jose was the party capital...From the Fairmont to the airport, revelers are reeling from the bad economy. Milpitas Mayor Jose Esteves chopped the budget for a January gala to celebrate the opening of a new library to $20,000. Focusing on the basics Esteves said, "...the best gift we can give our residents is that the library was completed on time and within budget."

There is celebrating at Santa Clara University, Noelle Lopez has received a Rhodes scholarship - the first for Santa Clara University. Lopez, a 2nd generation Mexican-American and believed to be among the first Latinas to receive the award, will continue her studies into "virtue ethics" at Oxford next fall."

Knowledge will lead the way as Stanford University pilots a police training program that attacks the issue of racial profiling. Watch Dog is guessing San Jose's Police Chief, Rob Davis, might want to be first in line to get the training. University scientist Jennifer Eberhardt tackles the ticklish problem saying "... the first step is informing people about how bias doesn't have to be intentional. How does law enforcement deal with that?"

Cupertino is struggling with the divisive problem of dogs, or, more specifically, dog parks and the question -- how should pooches be allowed to run free? Cupertino City staff recommend dog parks not be surrounded by neighborhoods -- after all, what self respecting dog would want to walk to the park when they could hop in a car for a drive? The issue will be continued for further discussion in January with the Parks and Recreation Commission. Watch Dog's vote --parks for my brethren.

Gilroy was showing festive colors over the weekend. Councilmember Peter Arellano used a bull horn to encourage observers to join them as they marched: Aztec dancers, cops, former gang members, and others mourning the loss of life from gang violence. In Gilroy, dozens turned out to march for peace, recently elected School Board member Fred Tovar gave his campaign signs to be recycled as posters and pulled a little red wagon with water for the marchers. In a town rocked with recent gang violence, Watch Dog was surprised Arellano was the only councilmember in evidence.

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