Monday, November 3, 2008

Morning Round-up -- 11.03.08: Pre-election entertainment...

On the westside of the Valley in the days leading up to the election, outgoing Los Gatos Councilmember Steve Glickman published an 8 page mailer regarding a "shadow" government with a secret society making decisions for Los Gatans. (Sounds like Dick Cheney has been living in Los Gatos running this shadow government...) Earlier this year Glickman was part of a team that asked Los Gatos residents to pay for a skatepark for young residents. Skate advocates were unable to raise the money, or the necessary votes, to support a park.

A brazen robber struck a downtown Los Gatos jewelry store, the thief drove arrived in a white Cadillac, broke the window using a rock and made off with a ring valued at more than $100,000. The afternoon robber wore a ski mask and gloves -- Watchdog assumes this is common attire in Los Gatos as the robber drew no attention. The robber drove off in the Cadillac, dumped it in the vicinity of Broadway, set the caddy on fire and drove off in a brown SUV leaving police behind heading for Santa Cruz. Ocean's 14?

Halloween in Los Altos was a little more exciting than it should have been when off-duty San Francisco Police Sgt. Mike Evanson urinated in a front yard then discharged his gun. If he leaves SFPD he might have a career in the movies, Evanson was one of the 18 officers involved in the police parody videos that pleased none and offended many.

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