Wednesday, December 10, 2008

(blogo)Sphere of Influence...

For those of you that have been sleeping this week...(that means you outgoing San Jose Councilmember whose name will not be revealed here) is a timeline and details about how ideas can go from online to "on-dais" within a couple of hours. In Watch Dog terms, this is measuring the (blogo)sphere of influence...

Monday - 8:50 p.m.
The Merc. posts a story about the complaint filed with the City of San Jose's Elections Commission against former Mayor Tom McEnery. The complaint goes into great detail about the former Mayor's alleged misdeeds regarding lobbying and influence peddling leading up to yesterday's vote of the Council on the Peralta Action/McEnery Plan in San Pedro Square.

Tuesday - 12:01 a.m.
San Jose Revealed posts a (long, long) story outlining the complaint -- and presumably doing it with a smile. (Revealed must have been up all night going through the complaint with a fine-tooth comb...)

Tuesday - 8:19 a.m.
San Jose Revealed provides advice to the Mayor (or anyone who will listen) about how the issue should be resolved at the Council meeting:
"Chuck has little choice...but to recommend that the San Pedro Square issue be deferred until the Elections Commission has an opportunity to look at the charges brought against McEnery."
Later Tuesday...during the Council meeting
The Council took up the Peralt Action/McEnery Plan during yesterday's meeting. The Council's top Mayoral (and most successful) critic Nora Campos did her best Chuck Reed-circa-2002-impression and issued two memos calling for delay, transparency, and throwing in a dose of criticism for McEnery.

According to the Merc's accounts of things:
"Campos...submitted a memo to her colleagues before the meeting suggesting any decision be deferred until the elections commission looks more deeply into the lobbyist complaint."
Congratulations San Jose Revealed! You are now influencing the City Council. Campos took your idea and ran with it.

Perhaps Revealed should register as a lobbyist...or, better yet, perhaps you should try to get $5+ million for a facade improvement...

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