Thursday, December 11, 2008

Morning News Round-Up – 12.11.08: Baseball in San Jose? Not if East Side Union has anything to say about it...

Play Ball! Or not. If you’re a kid in the East Side Union High School District your sports may be cut. Superintendent Bob Nunez is considering elimination of all sports saying, “I didn’t do this for shock value. I did it because I need to look at the academic programs we would not have if we keep sports.”

But that doesn't mean all sports talk is bad...San Jose’s outgoing Vice Mayor (soon-to-be Supervisor) Dave Cortese is hoping to throw the first ball at a San Jose A’s game. Cortese’s hopes were raised when a letter from Major League Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig potentially erased the pesky problem of Giants territorial-rights. Mayor Chuck Reed appears suspicious of the sudden appearance of the letter saying, “One curious fact is why and how this letter surfaced at this time.” Is Lew Wolff simply waiting for the best offer? Because he has two different sites in Fremont he is thinking about and teasing San Jose again...where is Baseball San Jose when you need them?

Mission City Lantern is rooting for Santa Clara to become the home of A’s baseball.

In Los Gatos Danielle Jolley created a baseball league for kids with disabilities in honor of her son, Justin, born with Down syndrome and a passion for baseball. The Challenger Division is the first for California’s District 12 and joins similar divisions across the United States.

Giants beat reporter (that’s pre-blog for the puppies out there) Nick “The Greek” Peters has been elected to Coooperstown for having followed the Giants since they left the Big Apple for the Golden Gates in 1958. Peter says about his job, "I knew from my junior year in high school that this is what I wanted to do." In spite of wishes from San Jose Giants fans, Peters doesn’t cover the games in South Campus.

Before he goes, head Yahoo! Jerry Yang will likely let go as many as 1,500 fellow Yahoos in an effort to “better align costs with revenues.” Ouch. The push for a deal with Microsoft is also on the table as Ivory Investment Management (a big Yahoo! shareholder) asks to renew negotiations.

In a scoop Watch Dog reported last week, the Merc finally got the story today and announced that Sunnyvale City Councilmember Otto Lee will be leaving for active duty in Iraq. Watch Dog wishes Lee a safe journey and swift return to duty in Sunnyvale.

Before taking off Lee helped the Sunnyvale City Council decide to convert the Onizuka Air Force Station into an auto mall. Councilmembers Chris Moylan and Dave Whittum voted against the proposal preferring instead the site become housing.

The preschooler who passed away this week did not die of meningitis as previously reported. Dr. Poki Namkung now believes the cause, "is most likely a very common bacteria that we all carry. For unknown reasons, her body could not respond appropriately. It really is extraordinary bad luck." Thank you House.

The Merc editorial team weighs in on the lively San Jose City Council meeting earlier this week suggesting the complaint filed against former Mayor Tom McEnery was a grumpy rival with plenty of cash. Apparently the complainant did a mass mailing with complaints against McEnery, Watch Dog wasn’t on the mailing list and had to read it here. (For a full timeline of how this played out, including where Councilmember Nora Campos got her "delay until the Elections Commission reviews the complaint" idea, read this.)

Saratoga’s new (rotating) Mayor will be Chuck Page with Councilmember Kathleen King as his Vice Mayor. Incoming Councilmembers Howard Miller and Susie Nagpal were sworn in for their first terms.

Los Altos police had a scare when they pulled over Morgan Hill resident Troy Moulton for a traffic violation. Moulton had over a dozen homemade bombs with him. Watch Dog is trying to figure out whether to laugh or stop traveling to either Morgan Hill or Los Altos.

Joshua Williams mother Ida held tears back as she watched the trial of her son yesterday. Williams and reputed gang member Israel Juarez are accused of a gang retaliation killing in November in the (apparent) gang capital of Santa Clara County...Gilroy.

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