Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Morning News Round-Up -- 12.02.08: Campos as Reed's attack-dog?

Still trying to fill retail space in San Jose City Hall? It took Councilmember Pete Constant almost a year to come up with his solution to the retail space conundrum at City Hall, causing his already irritated colleagues further annoyance. "Last-minute recommendations to change terms developed in an extensive, yearlong outreach process circumvent the City's efforts to conduct an open, inclusive process and deny the council sufficient time to explore potential repercussions," responded Councilmember Nora Campos. Perhaps this response from Campos to Constant shows what role she would play as Mayor Reed's Vice Mayor -- similar to the role by this famous "Vice"...

San Jose Inside blogger and San Jose Councilmember Pierluigi Oliverio has concluded that the way to build community is with more sporting events.

Garbage is all the rage in San Mateo County according to Watch Dog San Mateo – but it is termed out (and charming) Santa Cruz Assemblymember John Laird who will join the California Integrated Waste Management Board for a nice retirement salary - $132,178.

Charm doesn’t seem to be winning friends for the opponents of Measure B. Superior Court Judge Mary Jo Levinger scolded them for filing a lawsuit in the wrong County and sent them scurrying for San Francisco in an attempt to force a recount – at the County’s expense. Transportation Solutions Defense Fund pPresident David Schonbrunn complained they were being forced "… to go to two different courts." Watch Dog will try to get an update out as soon as possible about what happens in San Francisco today.

Former San Jose Councilmember/Current DA David Pandori and Merc columnist Scott Herhold are taking it on the chin from San Jose Revealed for an old Herhold piece defending Pandori on the Kali-Rai/Arreolla incident.

James Rowen at Mission City Lantern is heading to San Francisco to shop (so much for tax dollars in his home community) but not before posting his own gadfly musical.

The City of Campbell is trying to figure out how to get 892 new homes built –- and they’re getting plenty of comments from residents according to Housing Coordinator Sharon Teeter.

Meanwhile, cold weather homeless shelters opened in Sunnyvale and Gilroy last night. Jennifer Loving, CEO for EHC Lifebuilders says they’ve seen a substantial increase in people seeking shelter, “The economic crisis, coupled with the rising unemployment rate and high cost of living in Silicon Valley is creating a challenging situation for many Santa Clara County residents."

Outgoing Supervisor Blanca Alvarado was pleased to hear county employees donated over $1 million this year to area non-profits, "While our country is going through economic uncertainty and so many people are struggling, I'm heartened by the generosity of County employees."

Folks in Palo Alto were also feeling generous – Oak Investment Partners gave Arianna Huffington $25 million for her political blog site The Huffington Post.

The labor ire continues in Morgan Hill as teachers' union rep’s are transferred. In a move that sounds a tiny bit retaliatory, teacher John Loyd was given one days notice before being told about the transfer. School Board President Julia Hover-Smoot said the transfers were not retaliatory, “The district would not do that, and the board would never support that activity." Ok...

Building permits in Gilroy? Take asprin and meditate. Gilroy’s Community Development Department has been slashed and the loss is expected to result in long lines and stressed out employees. Parks and Recreation Commissioner (and area developer) Steve Ashford had a few thoughts, "It seems like they're keeping all the higher-ups instead of the folks who know what's going on, the people out in the streets and roads and parks -- the workers. They're the people doing the work. They need to clean house."

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