Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Measure B (BART to Silicon Valley) drama coming to an end? The legal eagle update...

Election drama and nail biting appeared to be over when Measure B passed mid-November.

(Measure B was a tax measure to continue funding the BART extension to downtown San Jose.)

Not so fast, cried Measure B opponents last week as they filed a last minute lawsuit to delay certification and force a recount. As Watch Dog readers know, only yesterday a judge in San Jose sent them packing when it turned out the lawsuit was filed in the wrong county.

Fast-forward to today.

In a gloomy San Francisco morning in San Francisco Superior Court where arguments were heard by Judge Peter Busch for a temporary restraining order to prevent certification of election results.

Slight problem - the Registrar is good at PR and law. The Registrar this morning dropped the certified results in the mail this morning before going to court.

(No surprise) Judge Busch denied the restraining order as results had already been certified.

Is this the end of the drama? Only time will tell.

David Schonbrunn of TransDef.org, the chief opponents of Measure B, says "No one knows how the voters of Santa Clara County really voted on this." Well, the Judge, the Registrar, Carl Guardino, and more than 2/3 of the voters know how the County voted on this...the only people that don't seem to get it are the TransDef.org folks...

The Registrar graciuosly pointed out TransDef could request a recount -- at TransDef.org's cost -- for an estimated $400,000. Does T.J. Rogers have that kind of money to put behind a recount?

Stay tuned as the drama continues to unfold.

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