Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Morning (or late afternoon) News Round-Up – 12.03.08

The close knit community of Los Gatos was devastated to learn high school senior Michael Halpin collapsed in front Los Gatos High and was pronounced dead at Good Samaritan Hospital. Friend and teammate Nick Hirschman said, "Michael was one of the guys — he always gave 100 percent in practice, and off the field he was the nicest guy, everyone got along with him." Share your condolences here.

While BART has been the transportation darling in search of funding, a new rail is stepping up. High speed rail advocates, who recently received voter approval for a $9.95 billion down payment from California voters, are hoping the Obama administration will chip in as part of the New New Deal.

With over 250 days a year of sunshine it seems unlikely the Mineta San Jose International Airport would ever be closed...but for the second day this week the heavy fog has flights canceled. That's bad for travelers, but good if you missed hearing from Airport spokesman David Vossbrink of Gonzales Administration fame, noting that flight were “all holding and circling.” Yes, Larry Ellison, this includes you.

Political payback bites Los Gatos Planning Commissioner Michael Kane who lost his seat on the Planning Commission. At the same meeting departing Councilmember Steve Glickman (who voted against Kane) admitted he’d fibbed to a voter in 2000, telling the “cantankerous old coot” his name was Sandy Decker – his opponent in the race. In a bit of irony, a comment is posted that Glickman was “the only honest one on the council.”

Speaking of Los Gatos and Commissions...Colleen Wilcox, former County Superintendent, was named to the Los Gatos Arts Commission.

A Watch Dog tipster reports all was not peaceful on the dais in San Jose yesterday with Councilmember Pete Constant snapping at colleague Sam Liccardo over “labor peace.” Liccardo pointed out to Constant he might have raised the topic a year ago when Council first discussed the issue. At that time Constant complained the process was too long, right before he supported Liccardo’s ideas. (Around 2 hours in are Constant comments.)

The Merc's Patty Fisher dedicates her column to a project started by Los Altos High School student Mingbo Gong – haiku as a vehicle for understanding. It’s not enough that Gong has launched a successful project, he does it as part of Bay Area Asian Unity, a non-profit he founded to help earthquake victims in China. Watch Dog favors Fisher’s haiku:
Blank computer screen
Anxious editor hovers
Column deadline nears
The Merc also says farewell to the American Musical Theatre without venturing a guess as to who might be the next to fall.

About his narrow loss for school board, (former) Gilroy Unified School District Trustee Jaime Rosso says, "It looks like I didn't make it. I fell six votes short but that's OK." With the topsey turvey nature of recent elections Watch Dog wonders, what were the campaign strategists thinking?

Friends of the Gilroy police are holding a bake sale, well, sort of. You can eat out at one of your favorite restaurants and a portion of the proceeds goes to the Gilroy Volunteers in Policing to raise funds for public safety.

Sounds like a throw down to District Attorney Dolores Carr. The headline says it all “West Coast Linen should be accountable for its dirty laundry.” The Gilroy Dispatch is calling on the District Attorney’s office to investigate allegations of non-payment, illegal hiring practices, blackmail – you name it and Sausalito-based Lohrey Enterprises Inc. has been accused of the transgression.

On San Jose Inside former San Jose Mayor Tom McEnery urges San Jose to roll up its sleeves, put noses to the grind stone, pull out all the Silicon Valley ingenuity, and trudge forward through the economic maelstrom.

As proof that a good idea can come from questionable sources San Jose Revealed agrees with aspects of the proposed San Jose Public Market while offering skepticism at the idea of offering Tom McEnery $5 million to make it happen. Revealed likens the Market to the disastrous San Jose Pavilion.

Meanwhile in the Mission City Lantern posts a rapid fire series of attacks on Santa Clara Council gadfly Steve Hazel.

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