Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Appointment Do-Over: "Congratulations Trustee Garcia"

Well folks, today is the big day -- at least if you are Eddie Garcia.

Mr. Garcia will be reappointed to the East Side Union High School District Board of Trustees tonight. You think I'm jumping the gun because there are others that will be interviewed and considered tonight? Don't worry, I'm not. This is a sure thing.

If you want a complete history of how this came to pass, you can read this, this, or this. But don't think that because there was a public process that involved applicants and a Community Advisory Panel that the deck is anything but stacked for Garcia.

But just for the fun of it...

Here is a piece from YouTube of Eddie Garcia on Comcast News Makers in advance of his last (unsuccessful) election in November. Note that he and the host use the term "re-election" and "re-elected" a number of times referring to what he was running for -- even though he was not elected in the first place...

...and compare that to this footage. Here, he uses the phrase, "...running to retain my seat..." as opposed to re-elected.

(For both of these videos, the 'embed' function has been disabled on YouTube, so you have to click on them to view...)

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Anonymous said...

WD - Even more entertaining than the "re-election" request was the reference to how much Garcia loves being at Comcast and how supportive they are of his work. It begs the question, why did he leave as Vice President at Comcast to go be Chief of Staff for a County Supervisor?