Thursday, March 19, 2009

Morning News Round-Up – 3.19.09:

In case you missed Watch Dog's rant yesterday about San Jose's new (new!) way to deal with the drunk arrest issue in San Jose, here you short, the City of San Jose is trading its Task Force for a Consortium and the ACLU Chief is not pleased...

In the great debate between Palo Alto (and Atherton and Menlo Park) and the High-Speed Rail Authority, you have got to admire Rod Diridon. He loves walking into the lion's den to pitch High-Speed Rail. He was at it once again in Palo Alto at the Palo Alto Rotary Club meeting at Ming's. His speech came just as Palo Alto is asking the High-Speed Rail Authority to study underground tracks through the Peninsula...a dollar short and day late?

Who knew... today’s library as the birthplace of tomorrow’s rockstars…The San Jose Public Library finished off Teen Tech Week with a Battle of the Bands, emphasizing the public library as a place where creativity is encouraged, young adults are “Free2Dream,” and find resources to help them achieve their goals. The winners, Sleepwell, with Craig Groves, Jonathan Borgia, Robin Smith, Jon Pollard, and Dalton Campbell won time in a recording studio and an on air interview. It is not true the Larry Pegram and Councilmember Pete Constant are now looking to ban rock and roll from the library because of the "negative influence it has on kids."

Pissed off parents may have their way after all. The Mountain View-Whisman School District is trying to work out a deal with the City of Mountain View and the YMCA that will keep YMCA preschool classes available in Mountain View-Whisman buildings -- even as enrollment in the District increases. This is a tough issue in Mountain View -- the School District needs the space and the YMCA is serving low-income families who rely on the preschool.

El Camino Hospital in Los Gatos will open 2 months early thanks to a flurry of paperwork. El Camino is purchasing the medical equipment and computers already in existence at the old Community Hospital and preparing for a job fair on Tuesday. It looks like the Los Gatos Observer is back online, they’ve got Los Gatos Mayor Mike Wasserman and Town Manager Greg Larson in the news expressing happy surprise over the hospitals (projected) early opening.

Blue pinstripe engulfs geeky Java-head…Big Blue (IBM) is looking to buy up the techie SUN, long respected for having solutions for, as yet, unknown problems.

Even fancy-schmancy Palo Alto is not immune to gang problems…Police are searching for Daniel Gil-Fernandez, accused of shooting Francisco Alvarez. Gil-Fernandez, who claims to be part of the Nortenos, took off running through Arastradero Park. If you have details, call 650-329-2190 to dish.

It’s great to be a nature lover, as long as it’s convenient…Mission College President Harriet Robles wants to evict the burrowing owls in favor a parking lot and soccer. Bob Power, Executive Director of the Santa Clara Valley Audubon Society hopes to find a new home for the owls and worries about their rapidly declining population. And really, who needs burrowing owls when we have cars...

San Jose Insider Pete Campbell suggests the A’s offer the Giants a portion of the dollars from prospective luxury seating in San Jose (non-baseball events) to make territorial disputes go away. On a related note, Campbell believes a good hug will end the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict. Another related note, Mission City Lantern chimes in about property values and values go surprise if you've ever seen the before and after pictures of AT&T Park's neighborhood...

And a few (perhaps related?) gun stories to go along with yesterday's arrest of a San Jose man for robbing guns from Big 5 in Morgan Hill...
The Merc’s Gary ‘Mr. Roadshow’ Richards sends a shout out to his Prius driving/Speeder/Dancing Teletubbie buddy Steve Wozniak – and offers absolution to all Prius driving speeders if they ‘Vote for Woz!Even this kid who was driving his Prius over 100 mph?

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