Thursday, March 26, 2009

Morning News Round-Up -- 3.26.09: Revealed revealed...

First things first...yesterday, Revealed revealed that Watch Dog was written by Jude Barry. Today, Watch Dog reveals that Revealed revealed wrong...(Revealed also revealed some really old news...)

Parents hoping the kid is heading to college better shoot for local schools. For the first time in San Jose State’s long history, students from outside Santa Clara County are being turned away. CSU Chancellor Charles Reed (ha!) said all campuses will be capping enrollment due to the State budget crisis.

"Shovel ready” projects around Silicon Valley are lining up to get their share of $1.1 billion in Federal stimulus dollars. If your job is road repair, you’re in luck.

The Merc’s Scott Herhold shares the lowdown on salaries for heads of non-profits. No surprises here: non-profits have to pay a hefty price to run multi-million dollar agencies. Winning the award for thrift, Charles Geschke takes no salary for running the foundation he and his wife Nancy set up after he (won the lottery) founded Adobe Systems.

It must be really boring for Police Officers in Cupertino. A very drunk Bradley Dexter took the tip jar from the bar where he was slugging back Long Island Ice Tea’s. Naturally, Officers showed up with 6 police units and a helicopter to rescue the glass jar with less than $10.

Silicon Valley’s chief geeks made their way to D.C. to meet with the new Administration and Congressional Representatives. TechNet exec’s, including Facebook’s Chief Privacy Officer Chris Kelly and Cisco’s John Chambers were there to ask for more support for education, science, and a boost to green tech.

The Merc’s Editorial Board is calling for watch dogs to keep sniffing around the Agnews Developmental Center closing. Citing the sale of valuable land and cheaper care the Merc worries that money, not care, might be the prime motivator for the closure.

Mountain View community leaders are working with Police and City officials to stop hate crime violence. Documentary filmmaker Patrice O’Neill will be following the efforts started by former Human Relations Commissioners Alicia Crank and Chris Burley to turn Mountain View into a “model city.”

San Jose Insider/Santa Clara County Board of Ed Trustee Joseph DiSalvo hopes the Obama’s will use their popularity and television face time to stop bullying at school. DiSalvo should hook up with Mountain View’s anti-hate crime team to bring the message home.

Don’t know how we missed this one yesterday…San Jose’s Drunk Task Force members Raj Jayadev and Raul Colunga teamed up in a joint statement to Mayor Reed and Councilmember Nora Campos saying: you should have brought the Consortium in before the Task Force or not at all. They suggest a name change to “Task Force of the Humored.” Funny.

Los Gatos resident/Attorney John Hopkins is being inducted into the Junior Achievement Hall of Fame. A who’s who of Silicon Valley luminaries will be there for the honor, including former US Secretary of Transportation Norm Mineta and Sharks CEO Greg Jamison.

Congressman Mike Honda will deliver a hand made flag that includes 1,000 red, white, and blue paper cranes from St. Joseph’s of Cupertino students to President Obama. The kids, and Honda, had to do a mountain of paperwork to get the flag to D.C. but they’re thrilled to know their work will take up residence at the White House.

Pete Campbell, San Jose Inside blogger, jumps in on the action to question San Jose’s automatic pay raises.

Speaking of pay raises...

Gilroy’s City Council stepped in to stop Gilroy’s automatic pay raises. Councilmember Bob Dillon said they didn’t want to freeze wages and the upside was folks still had jobs at City Hall. City Administrator Tom Haglund also gets to keep his job, he complained was just keeping up with normal practice but pinky-swears to talk to Council ahead of time on political challenges.

Los Gatos Town Council meets tonight at a retreat to talk about The Town’s Boards and Commissions and where they’re heading. In the past, the retreat met at the Toll House Restaurant to chew over the future of The Town with a good glass of wine. This year they’ll meet in Council Chambers a.k.a. The Dungeon – clearly not as much fun.

Cheap condos are on the market in Los is the time for low income buyers to move to toney Los Altos. With fewer than 10 condos available you’d better move quickly, however.

Mountain View’s City Council voiced unanimous support for converting industrial land to housing for as many as 1,120 homes. The VTA complained the project wasn’t dense enough next to the Whisman Light Rail stop. (Apparently) Mountain View hasn’t figured out what “transit oriented development” means.

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