Friday, March 27, 2009

Morning News Round-Up -- 3.27.09: Practice, Practice, Practice...

Is there a more fun guy to watch operate than Oakland A's owner Lew Wolff? He is like a microphone magnet. A few weeks ago, he tells Oakland 'thanks, but no thanks' for their renewed interest in keeping the team. (It was quite a statement. If you haven't read it -- Ms. Heffner over at the Baseball San Jose blog has it.) Then yesterday, Wolff was the speaker at a San Francisco luncheon and moved the ball down the field a bit (sorry to mix sports metaphors): expressing his desire to move the team to San Jose, the City's efforts so far to get the land, and what Major League Baseball's role in the deal would be -- including dealing with those pesky Giants. (Like in Chicago's northside, hope springs eternal for baseball in San Jose...)

Congratulations Santa Clara County, you locked up a 10 year old. Judge Patrick Tondreau, who made the decision, is said to be fuming and felt forced to put the kid in the pokey. Supervisor Dave Cortese is really pissed he had to hear about it from a reporter.

San Jose’s Police Department continues cultivating its reputation as a bad boy. San Jose is offering $360,000 to schizophrenic Kenneth Grason to end a Federal lawsuit alleging San Jose Police beat him up for wandering around San Jose Airport. City Attorney Rick Doyle said that while the settlement was “fairly large” it was better (less costly) than the alternative if they lost...(The City prefers to pay huge legal settlements directly to the County...)

Morgan Hill’s City Council faced a dozen pissed off coaches and parents. The coaches and parents convinced the Council to put off raising field usage fees until after a public meeting. Councilmember Larry Carr reminded the crowd there were “implications for the City budget.” Field usage fees are and increasing challenge for cities and school districts.
Valuable Assets (fields) + Economic Crisis (now) = Increased Usage Fees therefore
Increased Usage Fees = Pissed Off Parents/Coaches

Gilroy’s unions are not happy about the wage freeze handed down by the City Council this week. Police Officer Association President Mitch Madruga said that while the economy stinks it would be “irresponsible of the union to give up” their automatic raises before members have the chance to hear what the Council wants. Councilmember Perry Woodward said he was “relieved” the Council voted to stop the automatic raises. It sounds like this fight is not over.

An un-named San Jose man hooked up with a woman in cyberspace using MocoSpace. When they hooked up in the real world the woman and her friends beat him, stole his clothes, and his money before leaving him naked and dying along the Bethany Reservoir. He’ll survive, thanks to the fishermen who rescued him.

The Merc’s Sal Pizarro has a series of interesting bits including a tip that songbird Linda Ronstadt is headed to D.C. to sing for the Silicon Valley Arts Advocacy Day supper in front of Congress.

Councilmember Peter Drekmeier promised a green Palo Alto future. Part of the green Palo Alto future is banning plastic bags at grocery stores (over the objections of anti-enviro/former Assemblymember Manny Diaz). They are also bringing in local farmers to provide fresh, organic produce through a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program.

Speaking of green…Palo Alto and Mountain View (along with San Mateo and San Mateo County) are getting green-bucks from the Feds to implement green job growth projects. Vice President Joe Biden said the dollars are meant to put people to work and cut energy use.

Sunnyvale Councilmember Melinda Hamilton asked California High Speed Rail leader Rod Diridon, Sr. to stick a stop in Sunnyvale. So much for the "High Speed" part of "High Speed Rail"...

San Jose Revealed was (apparently) impressed with the disclosure of Silicon Valley Leadership Group CEO Carl Guardino’s salary. So impressed that they bought the new version of Photoshop...Revealed dug up photos of everyone he could think of to give us a visual on how Guardino’s daily dollars stack up.

Gilroy’s Chamber Choir answered the age-old question: "How do you get to Carnegie Hall?". They are headed to the Big Apple for an all-star performance there. Basketball star/singer Dylan Jensen admitted he didn’t start getting nervous until they started learning about the big voices who’d hit the stage at Carnegie before them.

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