Friday, March 27, 2009

Tesla Chronicles: A NEW CAR! (but not for Silicon Valley)

Anything to do with Tesla gets major media buzz. (If they could only build lots of cars and sell them, that would be real news and not just media buzz...)

Like yesterday, Tesla's new sedan was unveiled. At half the price ($50K) of the Roadster ($109K) -- it will be the car for Everyman. (Everyman that can afford to by a $50K sedan, that is.)

What wasn't newsworthy was their announcement that the Sedan won't be built in San Jose...It wasn't newsworthy because you read Watch Dog (and the Business Journal.) (Although, we haven't heard anyone from San Jose City Hall officially say good-bye to Tesla yet...they usually just ignore it.)

Proving to be the least trustworthy company around, they are now saying the manufacturing will (probably) be in Southern California. Not the recently talked about Santa Clara or Fremont...

We look forward to future stories about Tesla's efforts to play one Southern California city against another in order to get a sweetheart land deal...

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