Thursday, April 23, 2009

Morning News Round-Up – 4.23.09: Bigots, Censors and Baby Killers, oh my!

Judicial Watch (aka, bigots from Washington, D.C.) rep Chris Farrell met with residents to tell them “there’s nothing we like to do more than sue people.” Farrell’s pissed that the proposed Mountain View Dayworker center won’t check immigration status. Los Altos city councilmember Val Carpenter said it’s not the duty of the city council to verify immigration status. The Dayworker center is jointly funded by Los Altos, Los Altos Hills and Mountain View, likely all candidates for an upcoming frivolous lawsuit.

Jackson West with NBC has half a dozen ways to get around the filters that San Jose’s city council rejected on Tuesday and wins for best caption on a photo of a well-lit room filled with computers as “…dens of inequity..” The Spartan Daily caught library director Jane Light saying “I doubt this is the final, final word.”

Watch Dog wants to know if Mr. Roadshow’s Gary Richards donned his spandex for this story… Santa Clara County hopes to take the title of Biking Mecca. This week a new bike/pedestrian bridge was celebrated by spandex-sporting cyclists pedaling their way to health and happiness. Chris Augenstein with the VTA boasts of having the best bike plans in the Bay Area and the VTA is ready to roll-out millions to keep our bikers safe.

Four councilmembers have jumped on San Jose councilmember Nora Campos’ bandwagon to strip the Mayor of leading the search for the new Independent Police Auditor. Reed shot back that Campos had been intimately involved in the original search and agreed with the Mayor on every detail. The Merc’s Editorial Board suggests a thorough vetting (sounds dirty!) of any future IPA candidates. Just a thought, it wasn’t the vetting was the problem here, just the disclosure…

Apple pulled the plug on the virtual “Baby Shaker” which allowed users to shake their iPhone crying baby to death. The disturbing product choice pissed off Jennipher Dickens, communications director for a group trying to prevent baby brain injuries.

San Jose’s Japantown has its own “Big Dig” but there won’t be a tunnel at the end of this light. Julia Costello, co-director for the Heinlenville project, leads Sonoma State graduate students through a hundred years of dirt in search of San Jose’s old Chinatown. Zachary Konda, a second grade Indiana Jones, said “It’s kind of like a mystery. You don’t know what you’re going to find.”

The economic crisis hasn’t hit home in Monte Sereno, or maybe it has. The city council just voted to give themselves a whopping salary of $300 a month. City manager Brian Loventhal said no services would be affected but the city will put less into savings. Councilmember Marshall Anstandig promised the money wouldn’t find its way to his bank. The Merc compares salaries for other West hills cities, looks like it covers dinner at a West hills restaurant.

Sunnyvale councilmember/Naval commander Otto Lee is blogging his way through Iraq and asking for financial support to clear up old campaign debt. Watch Dog appreciates Lee’s dedication to his family but a word to the new blogger – brevity.

San Jose Revealed rattles off a series of Thursday Quick Notes including:

  • Big surprise, Mayor Chuck Reed receives support from the Merc to re-review the 57 candidates for IPA.
  • Provides the Merc’s missing Otto Lee Iraq blog address
  • Snipes at Inside/Metro/Boulevards Dan Pulcrano for slowing the flow of updates
  • Suggests that a Merc letter writer help Pulcrano by blogging on Inside instead of complaining about the First Ammendment

Los Altos eighth-grader Kyle Walden is learning the lessons of bureaucracy first hand. He’s pushing for a “skate plaza” and has organized a petition drive and meetings with the Youth Commission. It’s up to city council but with Kyle leading the way it’s likely they’ll figure it out.

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