Thursday, April 30, 2009

Morning News Round-Up -- 4.30.09: Candidate Campos Gets a Challenger...

Hot off the presses, Roy Avila KICU’s Community Affairs Representative, has tossed his hat in the ring to replace outgoing Assemblymember Joe Coto. Avila will be hosting a campaign kickoff meeting on Cinco de Mayo at the very un-Cinco de Mayo 180 Restaurant and Fondue Lounge in Los Gatos. Avila's first political mistake is having his kickoff event in Los Gatos, outside the Assembly District -- especially at a place like the 180 Lounge... this will be one party not to miss... No word yet from Councilmember Nora Campos... but perhaps she'll swivel her sites from bashing Mayor Reed to bashing Avila.

Unless you live under a rock, you know Swine Flu mania has hit the world. Santa Clara County’s Dr. Sara Cody declared a local state of emergency but is not ready to cancel the large May Day immigration march or shut down all schools. Health officials point out that while 150 people have died in Mexico and 1 in the US, the plain old flu kills 36,000 Americans annually. Santa Clara County now has 4 confirmed cases. Morgan Hill Councilmember Perry Woodward took off for Cabo San Lucas with his family before the CDC issued travel precautions, he reports Cabo remains a party scene. (An elected official admitting he is part of a "party scene" sounds pretty dumb...)

San Jose Insider Pete Campbell demands all San Jose’s Councilmembers dish on the closed door proceedings surrounding Chris Constantin’s brotherly love. Campbell receives support from another Insider, Silicon Valley De-Bug’s Raj Jayadev who posts a letter sent to City Attorney Rick Doyle asking for public records related to the Independent Police Auditor fiasco. Mayor Reed has to be happy the Swine Flu arrived.

The Merc’s Sal Pizzaro dishes that neither the economy nor the Swine Flu are stopping this weekend’s big festivals. The GI Forum’s Letetia Rodriquez said it’s the Forum’s duty to step up and host the 27th annual Cinco de Mayo festival at Discovery Meadow. This time without controversial City funds. Over at San Jose History Park the annual Greek Spring Festival Elliniki Protomayia will have you sipping ouzo and kicking up your heels.

San Jose’s Mayor Chuck Reed couldn’t have been happy to read the biotech firm AnaSpec was ditching San Jose to set up new, bigger, digs in Fremont. Anita Hong, AnaSpec’s President, called the new digs “functionally and aesthetically light-years beyond our San Jose facility.”

Santa Clara is the first in the County to say no to big box retail (yes, Wal-Mart, that means you). Vice Mayor Jamie Matthews called it a “moral imperative” and Rev. John Sullivan said “superstores make a race for the bottom.” The Building and Construction Trades Council’s Neil Struthers supported the ban saying big box stores were “predatory” retailers. Mayor Patricia Mahan and Councilmember Will Kennedy opposed the measure worried the ban would affect the City’s ability to draw new retailers.

Steve Jobs will have to wait to demolish the historic 14-bedroom home in Woodside. The Woodside Town Council (or COWncil) delayed their action on Tuesday night. The meeting was running late, and folks in Woodside need to get to bed early. Mark your calendars for May 13th...

The Palo Alto Planning Commission said no to a $50 million project on El Camino last night, even after the developers promised to save JJ&F Market.

The Merc’s Editorial Board declares the anonymous complaint filed against former Mayor/lobbyist Tom McEnery an abuse of power and a vendetta against a friend of current Mayor Chuck Reed. The Merc calls for changes to rules designed to protect whistle blowers declaring anyone rich enough to hire attorney James McManis free of fear of retaliation from McEnery. This will send Revealed to the moon...

The Merc and Los Altos Town Crier send recommendations for the May 19 special election... a lot of yeses and one no...

Dude… that pot was $10 million down the tubes. Santa Clara County Sheriff’s were destroying a “marijuana garden” when they stumbled across San Jose resident Othoniel Rivas Buelna. Buelna sits in the pokey on $1 million bail.

The Los Altos City Council held a last minute special meeting to approve a revised plan for housing. The revisions helped make sure Los Altos complied with State law, always a good thing. Though Councilmembers were wary about increasing height limits, City Manager James Walgreen clarified they only had to “consider” height limits – not actually do anything about them.

Campbell’s Planning Commission put off a “contentious” decision for a 24 hour service station mini-mart, again. Commissioner Bob Alderete urged colleagues to make sure they had all the details when the issue returns for a third time.

If you’ve been wondering what the heck road was being built over 280, let the wonderment cease. Mr. Roadshow shares the news that the iconic white flyway is for pedestrians and cyclists with the hope that as many as 265,000 will wave at the carbon spewing vehicles below annually. John Brazil, head of San Jose’s pedestrian program calls it a landmark and Cupertino’s public works director, Ralph Qualls, calls it spectacular.

It could have been your worst nightmare, school lunch ladies from 4 different school districts gathered to cook – and assigned a “mystery” ingredient to make the dish more intriguing. This was no nightmare, this was the Iron Chef cookoff for the women who put food on your kids plates – and not a man to be seen behind the stove. Franklin-McKinley’s Elvia Ho and her team took home the grand prize for a little N’Olean’s gumbo.

Santa Clara High is struggling with mixed feelings. School nurse Eileen Bowden saved the life of Coach John Rahbar after he collapsed during practice, then she collapsed and died before arriving at the Valley Medical Center.

NASA Ames has offered over 400 employees cash to ditch their jobs by the end of June. Can Watch Dog get in line...

San Jose Revealed landed safely in Los Angeles to take a potshot at Republican Steve Mullen who took the reins of the local GOP last year. Revealed pokes fun of Mullen’s credentials, a failed attempt at school board and volunteer treasurer for the failed assembly race of Virginia Chang Kiraly before pointing out his party counterpart received an award from the Dalai Lama.

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