Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Pete Constant and Larry Pegram...BFF

Well, censorship is finally coming back to the San Jose City Council (after 18+ months.) Councilmember Pete Constant and the "Values" Advocacy Council's Larry Pegram want to dictate what you can view on computers in San Jose's public libraries.

In a Rove-worthy move, the Constant/Pegram BFFs named the proposal going before the City Council the "Library Safety and Child Protection Policy"...

So the guy that brought you the gloriously inappropriate photo (below) now wants to prevent you from seeing it at San Jose's Libraries. The irony is truly rich...

Constant announced his plans in this letter. (Thank you tipster...) He writes to constituents that he is trying to protect kids, but really Constant and Pegram want to decide what is best for you and your kids. (Which is scary, considering the discretion Constant used with the ball-gag...)

Which leads Watch Dog to these thoughts:

- Pete Constant is the only Republican on the City Council. The Labor Council claims to be the "progressive" part of the Democratic Party. Will they stand up to Pete Constant, Larry Pegram, and the Republican Party and give their Council allies some room to oppose this Culture War issue? Or will they roll over? (Watch Dog is betting on rolling over...)

- Jim Cogan is running for San Jose City Council (see Watch Dog's Political Predictions) in 2010. Will this issue hurt him? He is, after all, Constant's Chief of Staff, and did "rhetorical backflips" when trying to describe his own thoughts on this issue. He is trying to get this thing passed on Constant's behalf (according to City Hall spies). This issue shines the light on the fact that Cogan is a Democrat, but works for a conservative Republican...Cogan moves Constant's legislation -- it is that simple.

- So you'll know a little more about Larry Pegram. He is coming off his "victory" over Proposition 8, he doesn't think gays should have equal rights. Oh, he also thinks that abortion should be banned and blocking the entrance to clinics is ok. Finally, Pegram thinks that we are living at the End of Days. (Which brings up the obvious question: if these are the End of Days, what does it matter what folks view on computers in the library?) Libraries are Pegram's first foray back into local politics...what's next?

- Why didn't the Mayor shut this issue down? He controls the agenda so why does he want to have this cultural issue coming before the City Council? He is a socially conservative guy that is running (and running for re-election in) a pretty socially progressive City. Why would he want to stand with the right-wing on this issue which is contrary to most San Jose voters? Does he think Larry Pegram shoved him that many votes in 2006?

- Larry Pegram (and presumably Pete Constant and certainly Ted Bundy) believe that pornography can turn your kids into serial killers. Seriously, check out the VAC website. Under a heading titled: Dire Warnings About Pornography, the VAC blames pornography for Ted Bundy the serial killer. VAC wants you to believe that pornography will make your kids serial killers. Seriously? Any group that is using an interview with Ted Bundy to make their case doesn't deserve to be taken seriously. Imagine relying on Jack the Ripper to make your case for speed bumps. It makes your head spin.

Take it from Watch Dog, Councilmember Constant and Mr. Pegram -- pornography doesn't make you a serial killer, but it might make you snarky blogger. (Or give you knowledge of how to properly wear a ball-gag...)

Watch Dog will be providing updates between now and April 21st when this issue comes before the City Council. If any of you 18th Floor tipsters want to send Watch Dog updates, shoot them from your Gmail/Yahoo/Hotmail accounts (from your home computer) to me here. I'm waiting...

(For a review of a previous post on this issue, read this: Pete Constant meet Thomas Bowdler...)

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Anonymous said...

I encourage everyone to PLEASE show up at the April 21st City Council meeting at 7pm, and before, to protest the ridiculous proposition, especially in a time when the library (and the whole city) is being asked to cut millions from its budget. Would we rather fund filters, or an extra day that all of the libraries in the city can stay open? Those are our choices. Please give an hour or two of your time on the 21st to stand up for intellectual freedom and the right to access information without librarian interference and big brother watching.