Thursday, April 2, 2009

A second Councilmember Herrera!?

When Watch Dog wrote our 2010 Political Predictions, we included a hint when describing the San Jose City Council race for District 5 to replace Councilmember Nora Campos. Here is what we wrote then:
District 5
Councilmember Nora Campos will be termed out of office and will seek greener pastures...which will leave the race wide open, right? Well, not so much. Her brother, Planning Commissioner/Political Hack Xavier Campos is lining up to coast into office. Unless something goes horribly wrong. (Which judging from who Xavier hangs out with, is not impossible.) There will be other folks in the race, like Bud LoMonaco, but unless someone else gets in the race (hint hint) it is going to be a Campos Cakewalk.

Watch Dog District 5 Prediction: Boring Race (unless)
Watch Dog District 5 Winner:
Xavier Campos (unless)
Watch Dog District 5 Loser:
District 5 Residents
Guess what Watch Dogs...our hint to Manuel Herrera joining the race was right.

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